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600W HPS/MH Autoflower

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Snem2012, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Hi, Im preparing on my first indoor grow.
    Strains- Ak47x Diesel, Ak48
    Lights- 600 watt HPS with switchable MH

    Grow Tent- 56''x56''x78.5'' or in other words [4.5ftx4.5ftx6.5ft]
    the grow tent is going to be lined with mylar with a 4" High Velocity Inline Fan hooked up to a carbon filter.

    Im going to be starting off the seedlings under the MH on 20/4 as most suggest for autoflowering strains in dixie cups with fox farm happy frog.
    Once there sexed they will be moved to 5 gallon grow bags filled with FFOF and some perlite

    Main question is Will a 600 watt HPS be enough for 10-12 plants?

    Also if I let a female get pollinated with another male autoflower will the seeds produced from the female be autoflowering seeds so I dont need to make another investment?

    Thanks :D
  2. 600w will be enough for 12 plants. Sorry its the only question I can answer.
  3. no man if a male pollinates a female there will be male and female seeds and i hope ur autos do good mine were shit they were mutants one gave me 3 gs and the other gave me 5gs and i had em under a 1000w hps
  4. Im about to do the same thing with the same plants. Although Im doing, akxdiesel, akxblue, and easyrider. Using a CAP ebb&gro and wantewd to do about 12 in same size tent. I have a 600wt switchable BUT, going to be using a 6ft light rail diaginaly. I think the light rail is key if you are using 600watts, especially with that many plants. This will be my second autoflower grow with this. The first was lowryder#2. Turned out very well but I could see that a light rail would help alot!
  5. Oh yeah I got the light rail 3.5 on ebay for 125 bux delivered

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