600W Hps Lighting Question

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cyphrs, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. So you have about a 6x6x6. A 600 will take up about 4x4 to 5x5.
  2. I would do 4 600w in that area if I could. A 600w is best suited to a 3 x 3 area, but will cover about 4 x 4 Max, even then your outer buds may suffer. Doing 4 600w, one per quadrant would give you give you about 60w per sqft and pretty decent coverage.
  3. I use 600 watt lights in 40" by 40" tents which works out quite well.  I think they make tents that are also 80 x 80 x 78.  I would also use four 600 watt lights in that type of tent.  I think that should put you at around 8000 lumens per sq foot which is actually pretty good.
  4. se
    second that, 4x 600w hps will do a great good job
    never use a 600w hps for a canopy any bigger than 4x4, you will get less yeild and loads of airy buds
  5. What if i were to use a multitude of 300w CFLs....ii figure it will be cheaper on the electric bill and cheaper to make......also less heat
  6. 1kw will give the same heat no matter what light you use 
    if you use 10kw you pay for 10kw
    so 2x 300w cfl's will use about the same electria as a 600w hps to run and give off the same heat
    a hps bulb has a very small area so all the heat is round that small bulb and directly above the canopy.
    The cfl have bigger bulbs and there's 2 so each bulb will give off less than half the heat from the hps directly onto the canopy
    but the light pentrashion of a cfl is poor compaired to a hps
    600w hps can only pentrashion the canopy about 12" max (good qualty dank buds) so there not great
    Cheaper to make maybe, cheaper on the electric bill, NO.  CFL lights are only about half as efficient as that of equivalent HPS lights.  If the area of 76 by 76 requires 2400 watts of lights, then you would need to use 4800 watts of CFLs just to get the light output even.  That would require a lot of CFLs to do the job!  It will be much easier and will work better to just go with HPS.
  8. OK sweet...thanks for the feedback....i will go with the 4 HPS hoods....i'll just buy them two at a time(i should be good for a week).....thanks  again peeps
  9. What brand are you going to buy?  Were you going to go with cheap setups such as Ipower or Apollo?  Those complete kits like that are not too bad if you need lights to start a grow.  Otherwise, 600 watt Hortilux bulbs paired with a 600 watt Phantom ballasts seemed to provide cleaner brighter light than my Ipower ballast and bulb.

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