600w HPS Light Flickers, but wont fire?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Karrson, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. So ive had my 600w hps light for a few months now, when i got it i fired it up to make sure it worked. Now that i have it hung in my flowering room, i went to plug it it.... It flickers, and then wont light up, if i wait about 30 secs. it will try again. And will contiune to do so, but still wont light the bulb. Im guessing the bulb is toast, but its brand new.... What do you guys thing......
  2. it is either the bulb or the ballast.
    I had a couple that had bran new bulbs and only lasted about a month, then started acting exactly as you described, when I took it in it was a defective ballast. You could check it out by replacing the bulb and trying to fire it up again if it does the same thing it is your ballast, if it works you just solved your issue
  3. yeah i called my local hydro store and he though it was a the ballest, so i call where i bought it from, and they are sending me a replacement. Which is totally badass, cause i though i was going to eat it. So hopefully they will hook me up...
  4. Try this take the bulb out and Dab some petroleum jelly on it :D
  5. To be honest with you it sounds more like a bad ignitor than a ballast IMO.

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