600w HPS Hawaiian Medical Grow Tent

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    *First, sorry for the shitty pics, am camera-less until next week. Next week = sexy pictures  :devious:
    I started my second (first real) grow on September 24th and the first couple weeks were a bit rough. I initially had a closet space setup but due to heat I had to move to a 5x5x6.5' tent. Since day one in the tent temps have been on lock and the plants have been doing very well!
    As of current, there are 6 plants in the tent right, 3 of them are Super Lemon Haze (9/24) and the other 3 are some random seeds which i have named "Joel" (10/13). This coming Wednesday will make the completion of week 5 for the SLH so i'll be switching it to flower and the randoms will go in the veg box  :hello:
    I made a 3x3"SCROG, and i have just been pulling them down so the whole plant receives light; i don't know if this is correct so I would definitely like some feedback.  :unsure:
    Oh, and i have a rubbermaid veg box so i can have a perpetual setup. I'll post pics of the box once i finish it.
    Medium: Soil, Fox Farms Ocean Forest
    Nutrients: Fox Farms Trio
    Light: 600w HPS, Phantom Digital Balast, air-cooled hood
    Cooling: 450CFM Inline on the light, window AC is serving as the fresh air/tent cooling
    Exhaust: Passive to keep the tent as cool as possible; my area of the island being crazy hot all
    Grow Space: 5x5x6.5ft tent for flower, Rubbermaid for veg
    Pots: Finishing size will be 5 gallon 
    Other: 3x3" SCROG
    Uhm.. That's pretty much it? 
    (PS. how do i add pictures to the post so they are full-size vs. attachment?)

  2. I just want to take the mistakes from this and move to the next grow so i flipped to flower last night. I am going to be moving them to the 5g flowering pots tomorrow.
  3. I think it's too soon to flip man. People usually fill the screen in 70-85% ish, before flipping so it fills in the rest of the screen during the stretch.
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  4. Welp, the 3 random seeds have yet to show sex yet so hopefully we shall find out soon and 2 out of 3 Super Lemon Haze turned out to be female!!  :hello:
    About 4 days ago i was doing some maintenance and one of the random's decided it wanted to try and fly, it failed. After that little stunt the asshole got put outside in my garden.
    This afternoon i put 1 White Widow x Big Bud (Fem) and 3 White Rhino (Reg) out to germinate so we'll have some more plants on the way. Had i been thinking i would have crossed the male SLH with a White Widow, that could have been gnarly!  :eek:
    The only things i have on my To Do list are scrubber, bubble cloner and pick up a big ass Rubbermaid for my veg box. Besides using a very large Rubbermaid has anyone else (not that anyone is responding to this  :confused_2: ) used a simple/spacious setup for a veg box?
    I'll update this thread with pictures on Tuesday or Wednesday, got me a 7D Mark II on the way  :devious:
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    Alrighty, got my camera in on Wednesday but i have been kind of busy.
    This is my first time LSTing with wire, SCROG turned out to be too annoying to maneuver around, so i am still figuring out the technique and whatnot.
    Lastnight i made a bit of a change to the cooling system to help retain more cold air. I removed the 400CFM that was on my light, and swapped that with the 240CFM that was exhausting. I now have just the 240CFM to exhaust both the light, and room outside which has shaved 4 degrees off of my high temp to give a 24hour temp range of 72-84.
    2 of 3 White Rhinos sprouted and thankfully the WWxBB did as well. 
    That is all for now.. stay tuned… (as i talk to noone )
    I tried to show how i am spilling the AC between my flower and veg box. The veg box has the smaller diameter ducting due to it being much smaller, and i didn't know how the split would effect the overall temps.
    The AC inlet is the short piece that is closest on the right wall, and the two other pieces of ducting (roof and left wall) are intakes that i am unsure of what i am going to do with. I may leave them as is, or i may close off those holes and just use the AC like i was previously.

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    They are coming along well.
    I now know to prune better pre-flower, and to train better.
    WOW! The pictures from my last post until this one is 10 days, these girls have exploded!
    11-17-2014-2.jpg 11-17-2014-3.jpg 11-17-2014-4.jpg 11-17-2014.jpg
  7. Update from last night.
    They are coming along very well, i had a little burnage on some pistils that i think was from nutrients. I don't think it was from the lights because of the pattern of how they burnt, some low and distant ones burnt while higher pistils didn't. 
    *I dropped them to the ground and raised the light up to 23" off average height.
    *Roots are starting to pop out the bottom already so i'm going to use bigger containers next run  :yummy:
    If anyone feels as though they want to actually say something, i have two questions..
    I did a heavy duty training two days ago to get everything pretty much on the same level (except two or three outliers), should I just let them go from here?
    Both of my White Rhino babies that are vegging had very weird cotyledon along with the first two leaf sets, but my Whine Widow which has exact same soil/lighting/everything did not.
    I was thinking it was genetics because my White Widow is not showing this issue..
    Can anyone help??
    Oldest picture..
    Most Recent..
    11-21-2014-12.jpg 11-21-2014-14.jpg 11-21-2014-15.jpg

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    About day 43 of flower:
    So it's been a while since i checked in because i have been busy with school, although the girls have been doing GREAT and i'm getting better with this whole "camera" thing.
    The setup is now in a different room which is much cooler. This allows me to use less AC, but still get a much lower temp range at the same time.
    Grow 12-10-2014-6.jpg
    I am a friendly fellow, so i make friends with everyone i talk to. Thankfully the local hydro shop and i hit it off, they hooked me up with that carbon scrubber for $50 dollars! I was going to make one, but that was a no-brainer!
    Grow 12-10-2014-3.jpg
    I made a bubble cloner a couple of days ago that cost me about $12.00 and an hour to make. I have yet to root a clone from it, so we shall see how it works in time.
    The white rhino (reg) that i started last month has some whack genetics. I have NEVER taken scissors, or anything of the like, to this plant. Check out how it has growth all funky! Also, they have since been put in to flower. One of the plants turned out male, the other has yet to show yet.
    Grow 12-10-2014-5.jpg Grow 12-10-2014-14.jpg
    The unknown strain is looking VERY nice with a nice fat cola, has almost a sweet smell like fruity pebbles. I am excited to see how the root mass looks whenever i pull it out of the container; nice little experiment.
    Grow 12-10-2014-10.jpg
    The WWxBB is coming along, i think it is growing slow though? The 6th node is the top, from the split the are on their second node. I am going to put it over to flower shortly, no time set in stone. 
    Grow 12-10-2014-12.jpg
    Last, but not least, the Super Lemon Haze! The girls are doing VERY well, so well that some of the branches are starting to get top heavy. The plant that i topped/FIM'd more definitely has more bud side, and branches, so it will be interesting to see the comparison to the less topped, more bushy plant. The pistils are starting to change color, but i haven't seen a change with the trichomes yet? I am having a hard time imaging the plant fattening up so much that buds will be as long as a pen + width.. Am i wrong, or right?
    Grow 12-10-2014-11.jpg Grow 12-10-2014-13.jpg Grow 12-10-2014.jpg Grow 12-10-2014-8.jpg Grow 12-10-2014-9.jpg
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  9. Ah, i forgot to mention that the plant that i randomly put outside turned out to be female! That plant, and the unknown that i have inside, are the same strain so i have taken clippings from both for clones; i hope the clones take because the indoor lady looks like it is going to be a worthwhile plant!
  10. Lastnight i put Kush'N'Cheese (Dinafem Seeds), and Grape Kush (Cali Connection Seeds) out to germinate.
    Also, White Widow x Big Bud was moved over to flower, i'll be putting her into a 10g container to see how that goes.
  11. This is the unknown strain that has been outside since about October 28th, starting veg on October 13th.
    Although the yield won't be crazy high (i'm still a noob at outside growing here), she is doing very well due to my gardens soil being so rich.
    This was just a quick shot from my crappy cellphone. The plant that is growing all around her is Lilikoi (passionfruit).
    Before going outside
    Outdoor 12-13.jpg
  12. Not that any of you clowns respond or care.
    Yield from my first grow was a little over 7 ounces and it is DANK. Every person that has seen, and tried both varieties have fallen in love and give two thumbs up on appearance, smell, taste, smoke, quality and high.

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