600w HPS closet grow 1st week flowering as of 11/9

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    Hello grasscity forum members and others not yet registered!

    I have lurked these forums for years and used to actively post on a website a long time ago.

    First time doing a grow journal!

    I'm about a month and a half into the grow but I figured hey better late than never!

    Currently 4 days into flowering. Just pulled 4 males and confirmed 4 females. Got a few more plants in veg at the moment

    Any feedback or input is welcome! Thanks for checking it out. Will update every 2 to 3 daze ;-)

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  2. Growing in a coco lava rock perlite mix. Using general hydroponics nutrients. Right now there is 4 bag seed plants but all have popped up females and growing a NYC sour diesel clone along with a. Strawberry cough clone.
  3. Next batch in the veg process

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  4. 1st pic - Sour diesel flower coming in.

    2nd pic - Rearranged the plants after watering

    3rd pic - My setup in the flowering room. Daystar 6 inch flange vented on both sides allows for great temperatures. Xtrasun dimmable digital ballast 600w and 600w HPS senlite bulb
    Can anybody tell me why my pictures are all turned the wrong way? Or is that just on my phone?

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  5. Strawberry cough flower coming in.

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  6. Full flowering garden picture

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  7. Can anyone tell me if the 2 pics above this are working?
  8. Week 2 flowering

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  9. Day 18 of flowering :) the third pic is a new plant i placed in the flower box 2 days ago and turned female.

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  10. Week 3 flowering!

    Pic #1 NYC Sour Diesel
    Pic #2 2 Bagseed ladies
    Pic #3 Strawberry Cough

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  11. Week 4 flowering

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  12. Entering week 6 of flowering

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  13. Your plants look good! Thanks for sharing your grow with us. Best of luck to you on harvest day!
  14. Hell yeah I love strawberry cough I have 3 separate crosses going with her. What breeder is yours from friend?
  15. i got it from local dispensary. I dont remember where lol
  16. are you in Colorado?

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  17. Me too! I got some fire cough around Denver! They call my fav cut "ft.collins cough"

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  18. I'm always looking for new cuts of strawberry cough.

    I currently have Kyle Kushmans cut, as well as holy smoke seed company's Strawberry Diesel (strawberry Cough X New York City Diesel) I also have Connoisseur Gentics Strawberry Dogsit (strawberry cough X OG Chem). I love the sweet smells an taste of the strawberry cough. I haven't heard of the "Ft. COLLINS COUGH. I'd love to know more about i5. Any idea of the breeder or anything on the plant itsself?
  19. From what I understood it was from Delta 9 caregivers. They were the ones that bred Bruce Banner (og kush x strawberry diesel)well this is the strawberry cough they used in the diesel cross on the way to banner.

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