600W HPS, 4x4 SunHut, soil, 6 clones(3 GDP, 3 Bubblegum), first grow

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  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my first time grow. I've done a good bit of research. Here's my setup:

    4x4 Sun Hut

    600W HPS (Hotilux bulb, sun systems reflector).

    Foxfarms Ocean Forest potting soil, 7 gallon pots

    Scrog method will be used. 4'x2.5' for a total 10 square feet.

    Micro, Bloom, and Grow nutes from Cutting Edge Solutions(norcal company, guys at my hydro store really like the stuff). Calcium too.

    Girls are on 18,6.

    3 GDP clones.

    6 Bubblegum clones.
    Originally intended to get 3. Got an extra 3 for free. I was thinking about throwing 2-3 of them out and keeping the healthiest ones. I might just keep 3 to fill the scrog net with the GDPs and grow the other 3 along a vertical scrog net or something (I know i won't get as much light as the canopy and I won't good yield..but who knows? maybe it'll make some good hash crop? might as well keep them right?)

    Got a 6 inch inline fan pushing 440 CFMs mounted to the ceiling of the box. ducted one side to the exhaust. the other side is ducted to my reflector. I'll eventually duct a carbon filter to the other side of my exhaust when things get stinky.

    The GDP clones were cut around the begining of january. They've been vegging for approximately 2 weeks. The strongest one is getting close to 9 inches. The other 2 are about .5" shorter. The clones were put under HPS starting around 30"+ away from the lights on 1/30 so they've been in the box for a week now. They were transplanted 5 days ago into the 7 gallon pots and seem to be absolutely thriving. The 3 GDP are now 24" directly under the reflector.

    The Bubblegum clones were obtained from Coffeshop Bluesky in Oakland (Oaksterdam). They were added to the garden 4 days ago. The clones started out with some curly branches. They seem to be doing great after the transplant. All of the new growth looks healthy and green and none of it is curling. The Bubblegum clones were started on the perimeter of the box. They've been doing well these past few days and haven't showed any signs of further stress so I'm inching them closer to the GDP plants gradually. 3 of them (the 3 healthiest, thickest main stems) were planted in 7 gallon pots(I only had 3 left). The other 3 were tranplanted into these small white square pots(half gallon or so?).

    I'm watering the girls with tap water that sits in the tent in 5 gallon home depot buckets for at least 24 hours till watering.

    I plan starting to add nutes in another 4-5 days or so. I'm going to set up my screen today.

    Let me know if I've ommitted anything you'd like to know! I'd appreciate any feedback! :metal:


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  2. Some close ups

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  3. looking great; nice and healthy. my only advise is 'its never to early to start some lst if u r doing scrog
  4. thanks captain. how do you think i should start lst'ing?
  5. started putting the screen up. all the ladies are doing great.

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  6. hopefully some of you will reply to this update..some feedback would be great.

    day 30 of vegging for the GDP. the BGs are about a week behind. the bubblegum are already pretty stinky so i added a carbon filter a few days ago. they've all reached and passed the screen and ive started straining them horizontally with twist ties.

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  7. i put the 3 inferior bubblegum on the edge of the grow space and hung some trellis vertically. i plan on just training those 3 vertically up the screen.i know theyre not even getting that much light..but i really didnt wanna toss them lol. the 2 towards the back seem to be growing normally(with less vigor than the rest of the ladies directly under the HPS of course) but the one towards the front seems to be a dwarf(it's really growing slowly compared to the rest). does anyone know what that means exactly? can any of them be in danger of hermaphrodism? i don't want a stray stressed plant to ruin my entire crop!
  8. High 1042! Nice set up and desing. Looks like you really did do your home work! Great job and keep us posted ...bud!
    Peace and, bugout
  9. thanks tbug, much appreciated. :hello:

    the GDPs are getting really bushy and i'm not sure how i should be training them. they're branching ridiculously quickly and the leaves from under the screen are growing up and reaching the screen. there's also a lot of secondary and tertiary growth on those branches shooting up above the screen. there's so much new growth that i don't know how i should train the main stem as it grows higher. it's much easier with the bubblegum..there's less branching and more vertical growth of the main stem so i'm just training the stem horizontally and keeping the rest neat. how do you think i should handle my GDPs? do you recommend any pruning below the screen??
  10. nice grow, how are things going?

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