600w HPS, 250w CFL, assorted strains, first journal

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    Hello Everyone :wave:

    My name is Twitcher and I like to grow weed. As a new member here I thought I would start a journal for my latest grow. Whilst I am not a complete noob, I still have a lot to learn and therefore appreciate all input.

    I have a veg room with 1 x 250w CFL for vegging and seedlings etc and a flower room with a 600w grolux dual spectrum HID in there. I currently have 5 plants almost ready to be flipped into 12/12 with 3 more still in veg, although I'll probably chuck all 8 in flower together. ATM I am using bagseed as it is a new growspace that I am dialling in but I plan to grow WW and possibly AK47 next.

    Plenty of pics will follow very soon!
  2. Hi All :wave:

    Here are some pics as promised. Ignore the few crispy leaves, all these plants have been subjected to a bit of heat stress that hopefully will not be repeated. I will be flipping to 12/12 in either 1 or 2 weeks, and then obviously pulling the males. If I get more than 4 fems I will keep 1 as a mother to practice cloning.

    They are all mainly in Canna Professional Plus soil, with a 2ml bio-bizz grow nute watering yesterday. A couple of them are in a bio-bizz all mix /canna professional plus mix.

    I've already started some Nirvana WW seeds, these will be vegged in the bud box, cloned for sex with the best fem kept as a mom and the other fems flowered.

    Pics below...and I promise they will be better quality next time :eek:

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  3. they all look good dude, a little yellowing on one, but that could be nute burn or Deficiancy, if you wana get realy realy stoned, go with WW
  4. hi cork, all the leaf damage is due to heat stress. temps were up to 100 deg f but that's fixed now. all the new growth is nice and green, and you're right about the WW, can't fcuking wait to get that grown and smoked:smoking:
  5. Hi green ;) lol

    Well, I've germed my WW. All 10 cracked and 9 look really strong, one was a little bit behind but they are all planted now! Lets see how many sprout......

    Still, 100% germination rate, can't argue with that. Especially bearing in mind that I bought these seeds 6 months ago and they've been kept in a mostly warm drawer.

    Anyway, pics tomoz :wave:
  6. Hi All :wave:

    Here are a couple of pics under the HID.

    I have 5 WW sprouts! (forgot to take pics, sorry)

    All comments welcome :hello:

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  7. lol hello twitcher,

    sweet grow
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    Oh well, I couldn't resist getting some pics of the WW seedlings up and there is also a couple more pics of the bagseed plants. I really need a name for them, I think I'll just call them my "Indicas" cos they clearly are indica dom.

    Anyway, here are the newborns....

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  9. lol, hey doobs
  10. Hi All :wave:

    Well, all 10 WW have sprouted :hello: . I'll defo be buying Nirvana seeds again, they are quite cheap but still have an impressive germ rate. Don't bother telling me that some look stretched cos I know! This is the closest I can get the light due to heat probs in the bud-box so I'll just have to bury them up to their necks when I pot them on. They have a fan on them so at lerast they are growing strong stems.

    Also took pics of the Indicas, they love that canna soil! I think I'm gonna flip them to 12/12 this weekend and set them on their way. I may also run some more of them 12/12 from seed to see what happens.

    Pics below....

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  11. hey im gonna be running the same setup except in hydro, how man cfm's is your vent fan?

    maybe ill try the same strains and we can compare hydro to soil.
  12. looks good bro and hope they dont break from being to stretched.
  13. Nice job, Keep up the good grow interested in this strain will follow.

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