600w HPS 2.5x2.5x4 grow tent

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  1. Hey guys this is my first grow let me know what you think. I'm growing two clones one is White Tahoe OG and the other Mendo BreathxPlat Bubba. Im about 5 weeks into veg and I just switched from my sun blaze 28 T5HO to the hps. I'm going to be making the switch tonight from 24 hour light to 12/12. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. They look healthy and should do well. Good luck!

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  3. So there was some light leakage I got it fixed but it had a solid 3 hours of mostly dark with some leaks. Hopefully it won't mess with the hormones and slow the switch to flower. Also I heard it helps to give the plants 36 hours of dark before 12/12 but I plan on going straight into 12/12 without the dark period.

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  4. Here's a quick update. I added a ghetto scrog net today to start getting an even canopy going before the first pistols start to appear. I plan on using fox farm big bloom and tiger bloom throughout flower. Towards the middle of flower I'm going to add mollasses and eventually flush with molasses water. Here's a pic of the progress. [​IMG][​IMG]

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