600w hps 1x1m tent LSD grow

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    ok well getting close to harvest so thought id make this journal

    Strain: Barneys Farm LSD
    light:600w hps
    fans: i have 2 4 inch 1 for intake 1 for exhaust and a desk fan inside
    medium: soil mg organice/50% perlite 2 gallon pots
    nutes:biobizz veg/bloom/topmax

    i did a 4 week veg then switched to 12/12 been on 12/12 54 days im starting flushing on 2 of my plants today and plan to harvest those 2 on day 63. i guess i got a few diff pheno's and some are flowering alot faster than others, the recommended time from barneys is 60-65 days. also 2 of my plants stretched to nearly 6 feet and got a little heat stressed since the light couldnt go up anymore but i tied them back and they are recovoring.

    so....im gonna go water my babies now ill snap some pics of them and when i get back ill upload a bunch from when they were younger too.

    WEEK 1 VEG


    WEEK 2 VEG


    WEEK 3 VEG


    WEEK 4 VEG






    dont got any of week 3 so straight to week 4





    dont have any of week 6

    WEEK 7


    DAY 54 (TODAY)


    so what you think ? p.s i got tons of bud p0rn
  2. bumpers?
  3. well atleast my bong is keeping me company since no1 wana post >.<
  4. bumpssssssss
  5. chopped off a couple or grams this morning dried in the oven the wonderful smell was gone and it didnt really taste of anything but the high was real nice better than my white widdow for sure
  6. looks like a job well done dude!
  7. thanks

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