600w Grow Tent Heat Issues (Hawaiian Medical Grow)

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  1. So i started my grow on September 24th in 8'x2.5'x9' closet with high hopes, but due to the relentless heat on my part of the island i had to abandon that idea and go with a tent.
    I ordered a 5x5x6.5 tent and i have it hooked up to the AC (set at 74) as the intake.
    The first 24hours i had a range of 77-88 with the temps sitting at 84 when i checked the tent around 8pm, ambient temps of the room range from 79-90… all year.
    600w is sitting about… 2 feet off of the plants and temps are being read from the plant that is centered under lights.
    I have a 6" 450CFM fan for light exhaust and for the tent exhaust i am using a 6" 240CFM duct booster that vents to my room which actually helps bring the ambient temps down. I have tried both using passive intake and passive exhaust for this setup but both seem to give the same results. Although, the passive exhaust is hilarious, my tent swells up like a bubble :D
    Lastly, yes my plants are growing but growth is extremely slow.
    The short piece on the intake is temporary to help block light from going down the ducting, once i finalize my setup i am going to paint the inside of the ducting. 
    Light exhaust is the furthest ducting and the intake/ac is the closer one
    AC flange thing i made and light exhaust to outside.
    light intake side of ducting
    light exhaust and tent exhaust
    Plant 1 of 3


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  2. When i got home at 12:30am tonight/this morning, the thermometer read 79! Woo, better but still want to get it closer to the 72 the AC is pumping out.
    I reset both the tent and room thermometers to do a new 24 reading and we shall go from there.
  3. Where is the condenser side of the ac unit?? That is a heat source all in its self if it's just siting in your room your just pumping that heat out into your room
  4. It is mounted in my window with the ass/whatever end sticking out the window like a normal window AC. 
    At 10:00am the temp in the tent was 77!!!! Better, but then again my 600w is only on 60%. 
    I'm dreading this coming electric bill.
  5. Try scheduling your dark period during the hottest part of the day. I was able to lower my closet temp 4 degrees F by having the 6 hours of darkness from 9am-3pm during the summer
  6. Noon to 6 pm would be easier to keep the heat down in the excessive heat on the summer and in the winter time you recycle the warm air for heating
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    haha… brah, i live in Hawaii, no need heat! The lowest temps go is about 70
    My dark period is from 11-5

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