600W Dual tents in Closet-Perpetual problems Journey

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    Type of soil=FoxFarms ocean forest

    Indoor's=Inside a closet in a room I sleep in.

    Strain = Gdp

    Age of plant's = in 4th week

    Light's =600w hps agro sun bulb

    Watering right before light's go off with tap water phe'd to 6.5

    I use Fox Farms feeding schedule at half strengh

    My runoff stays at 6.5

    Tent stay's at 74-80 with light's on and around 70 with light's off

    Humidity stay's at around 40

    No bugs

    All problems seems to revolve around powder mildew.not feeding the plant the right way maybe?

    HI Everybody ive been coming to this forums and this forums only for about what feels like a year now.I really thought I could just read ,ask questions here and there and learn the learning curve from just reading and doing, but after 5 failed attempt's im ready to make a journal and get help first hand. documenting what im doing and get a bit more serious about growing. I really thought last crop would do something for me but it didnt even take the edge off.although it did look decent, like all the stuff u buy on the street, and had somewhat a smell not too offesive lol

    My biggest tent is 2x2 with 54 inches for height The small one is just 4 foot high 16 inches x 16 inches.i'll try to get a longer cord for my webcam so it can reach and yall can see how i set up the inside.

    My last batch of buds came out looking decent to the eye with barly any decent taste almost no decent smell and no high. I ended up giving away all harvest to buddy with 5 kids and no job and no smoke and I continue to go to the collective's 8(

    Will post more pic's later and try get couple pics of the set up.it's all inside a closet in the room I sleep in with a 500 cfm fan pulling hot air out through top of closet and through hood out the attic with a 300 cfm fan bringing in cold phresh air from the outside to the inside of the tent's.

    Read how hard it is to do it in the closet so I spent on good equiptment, buddy with 5 kids grows outside spent almost next to nothing hell even used my nutes lol and his stuff turned out way better then mine but still not dispensery quality.he's been growing bum syle for 10 + years,he got me into it about 2 years before they legalized,yes we both didnt relize they were legalizing in our own state :p

    My biggest problem is mold,powder mildew.ive tried everything even that milk idea.it didnt work wich makes me believe it's a humidity problem.it's always rainy here in washington like 24/7 anyone else growing near seattle area's knows what im talking about.Could it also be not bringing in enough fresh air? if I have my big fan on full and the small fan on full will I be pulling too much air out too fast not letting the phresh air do it's job maybe?

    I'll continue this thread as I progress I just want to get to the point where I got decent weed that does the trick for me.only growing for personal needs so I dont care how much I get

    Atm i got 6 gdp's at around 4 weeks old 2 weeks of veg.same white powder here for the 6th time and new problems with necrosis leaves falling off quickly due to overfeeding i think it was.

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  2. Brought computer a bit forward closer to the closet and near the ground so the coord could reach an extra foot and a half lol so took some more pics of my set up right before the light's go on.

    The exhaust tube going to the left hooks up to the smaller growlab40

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  3. Will have to get a longer coord or something that is not hooked up to the pc to show ya the veg side of the room hope these do for now

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  4. Looks like a decent setup man,I wouldnt know about the whole mold problem im only on my first grow. Will sub!
  5. Cool! thanks im glad to hear i got a decent setup = ) yea this is like my 5th time lol, o well it really cant get any worse then what ive been through and now that i got my state legalized and all my medical paperwork i should just make a journal and see if I really can get better just by listening and taking in all and any advice,documenting as i go to the best of my ability anyhow lol

    Im in this for the Long Haul. 5 crops so far and not one that I would find pleasure in smoking,gotta get a better camera or palm held movie maker thing for pics and stuff not connected to my pc.

    Sitting here watching a movie called the hobbit check it out if you got the time it's a decent copy.

  6. yea i wait for the dvd copies to come out on movies that have alot detail and dark scenes......... nice to see a fellow putlocker fan though!
  7. 12/31/12 waterd at 6.5

    Also sprayed them down with distilled vineger to kill the powder mildew then used rainwater to wash it off imedietly then repeated and put back into tent with light's off

    Also took a couple out of thier pots and noticed alot of roots growing up the side massive root bound.

    Does anyone know how to keep it from rootbounding in a 1 gallon pot not going bigger then that? i guess the root bound issue is the yellow and necrosis leaves falling off rapidly

    dont know what is causing the pm.i have plenty air being brought in and taken out right?

    Thanks for any and all help.i guess im really not good at this lol

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  8. Plants are dying.o well lol

    If anyone can give any advice what i did wrong for the 6th time.i'd really appreciate some feedback.

    Found a DvD Screener of the hobbit Enjoy Folks = )

    VidX Den - we take streaming seriously!

    clones are about ready to pot up and start this shabang for the 7th time.i should prolly just give up at this point right? resell equiptment cut losses im thinking lol
  9. Are you sure it's pm or mold? I'm not seein it in your pics?
  10. Feed them more flower nutes and mircos. Tiny pots require more nutes, and they just look hungry to me.

    You said you were using half strength, 4 weeks in flowering? In 1 gallon pots? Up that shit to 100% if you see any burn on the tips, cut it back to 75% next watering.
  11. It's white and powderly ,the vinegar killed it.it also wipes off when i rubbed it.

    At this stage 2 years into this im just wondering what conditions are causing it.I would asume other's in my area of the woods next to seattle would have prior experience with this prob as it comes with the area im pretty sure.

    I dont seem to have any grey mold/ boytritus or any other type of mold listed in any of the guides on this website.

    I was here reading 6 month's before i made my first post.so i will not try to waste anyone's time with useless information.

    Thank you! for your time and patience and any help or insight you have!
  12. Can't see it in the pictures, but that's a shitty deal this late in flowering. If its on the buds, 'bout all you can do is make hash. There is no actual way to kill the PM on a flowering plant, or even a plant that you intend to flower.

    High lights off humidity is the likely cause. PM thrives in cool, shaded areas of high humidity.

    PM does not cause the other symptoms on your plants, which appear to be Phosphorus (P) deficient. This is a slow onset deficiency which makes perfect sense given you've been feeding half strength.
  13. got a new camera,gonna take some test pics er try to upload em see how they look.

    btw 6th grow ended up pretty lame as i was exspecting but friends say it's decent i say im getting better but it's not anything i'd want to smoke,still dealing with the small white powderly midlew props and not curing correctly.other then that everything's same.loven this collective stuff though like crazy both =) and 8( cos i wish it was my own lol

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  14. More pics trying to upload a video i took with the camera.will take some pics of the drying and curing area and a break down of how i did it.

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  15. New stuff is 3 gdp from mother same stuff as last times and 1 jack herrer#2.

    All at 4 weeks of veg.the jack got a tad bit bigger but no biggie,stopped caring how uniform they are untill i get good stuff i can smoke and be somewhat not too disapointed in lol.

    took a pic of the gdp mom gonna take some clones off the herrer for a mom next week when my smart pots come in will post pics.

    no mold so far went and bought some damprid for in flower to add to the little 16oz micro dehumidifier.

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    Found some mold! knew it would eventually be back so i hit it with GreenCure.this would be the third time already.so if anyone has been keeping up this is the 7th time around with same problem.

    My thought's keep coming back to pulling too much air out too fast and briging too much cold air in/light's are a good 16 inches away and only at 400w atm never had them that far away before btw/cheap plastic non mechanical temp and humidity detecter just dosent really work and is not showing me the real number's?

    On a side note dehumidifier is not picking up any water whatsoever so the 40% humidity lvl it sais might be correct.

    those are the best pic's i could get,i pulled out a magnifier to try get a better shot.mold is in it's begining stages.

    I dont get it. anyone have any thought's?

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  17. some more mold 8x

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  18. Hello Everyone Gonna bump this so people can see it maybe help me with my problems with powderly mildew/mold.
    just showed back up
    It keeps showing back up every grow so im pretty sure it's my system not dialed in.

    Im thinking somewhere along the lines of watering too much?

    Or maybe a 600w bulb in a 2footby2foot and 5 feet high tent inside a closet inside a room I live in that gets heated is too small a space and is evaporating the water too fast and causing humidity? if that's the case wouldnt my mini dehumidifier pick up water? it's been turned on for 5 days now without picking up anywater so i asumed it was an overwatering problem.

    The room i live in is 10 by 8 foot room the closet in it is 4 foot long 2 and a half foot wide and 7 feet high.the tent is 2x2x5 with 4 plants in it currently.Yall should have all the information.i cant think of anything else right now and gotta go to the va apointment here in 20 mins.like i said it's gotta be something i havent dialed in correctly.i do live near seattle near the pugeot sound.im sure thier are other's who grow in washington in this rainy place?

    Please help me ive had 6 Failed harvest's 8x

    Thank you for your time.Please request any information nothing is too personal,i really want to have 1 decent harvest before i leave this world lol thanks Everyone.
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  20. bump2 was also thinking maybe fans directly on the plants are removing moisture too quickly? the mold does not show up in extreme but mildly but reacuring

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