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  1. whats up everyone? working on a little diy project and i need to get 6 amps to a ceramic heating tip from a power source that is preferably USB powered, so 6000mAh is what i need. any ideas on how i can get this done?
  2. i not sure is a usb is a power source, more of a storage device. Batteries are measure in mah so just go to the store and find 2 that are around 3000mah (u wont find one with 6000)
  3. im just trying to use a usb cable and i dont think that can handle 6000mAh, and if use batteries they need to be recharable and have an easy way to recharge because they will be sealed in a case, thats why the usb cable would be perfect because then i could just plug it in and power it up. or do you possibly know a way of wiring up a usb cable so it can recharge some batteries?
  4. If you need to use a USB cable or receptacle as a power source you will only get 500 milliamps at 5V from a USB-2 connection and 900m milliamps from a USB-3.
  5. that's what i was afraid of, know of any ways to step up the amps? (not sure if that is even possible) or if there is any other cable connector combos out there that i can use to get 6 amps?
  6. Find out a way to plug it into a wall outlet... Give it a long wire. What are you making anyway?
  7. Yah you will never get that from a usb. Srry. You are better off Just getting a whatever voltage 6amp power suply. I know 12v 4amp supplies can be bought of of ebsy for six bucks.

    If you are doing something that invoves a pc... Look into arduino. Instructables.com has a slew of mods for arduino boards. And code.

  8. good idea. but my trex 450 dies after five to seven minutes of use with the 11.1 30c. and the chargers run at 1800 ma.

    with that in mind. why not just use a 6amp 12v battery charger from wallmart? you really need and older charger. the new ones know whether or not its hooked up to a battery and will not work as a dedicated power source. but i am sure there are new ones that do. you just need to research it. i noticed some battery chargers over at my local harbor freight store. check out their website. everything is so cheap they may not have the 'checker' in them.

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