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  1. So I have just stumbled on an opportunity to start a grow for someone. I will have 6000k watts of lights at my disposal and a four bedroom home with a large basement.

    A little background, I have harvested about ten gardens from seed. A few were small closets with a 430w son agro. Then I built some bigger gardens culminating with a 2000k watt flowering chamber with a light mover.

    I learned most of my techniques from OG. I never posted much but read a lot of the grow diary's. I based most of what I did off of the BOG method. I always had very nice results.

    All of my grows before were in the desert southwest. I never had problems with humidty, I air conditioned alot. My growrooms never had a problem staying at 75 degrees and 50% humidity.

    The new challenge I am faced with is that this new house is at the bottom of a ski slope. I will be growing in a cold climate that i have never had to deal with before. So I am asking everyone for tips or advice, and comments on what I will be encountering with this situation.
  2. With 6000w worth of lights in there I don't think you are going to have any problems keeping things warm ;-)
  3. exactly, it will be about finding the point at which you need to A/C or let in cold air with 6k Watt. If you do have a cool problem, then just seal the room somewhat and the lights will dot he rest.
  4. I know the heat won't be an issue I'm just wondering what the humidity is going to do in this environment. We're still planning how this is all going to be set up.
  5. heat when the lights off will need to be addressed to keep it warm enough with lights off but that is easily dealt with and the lights themselves will keep the room warm enough when on aloneyou might want to just run some ventilation that is controllable to stabilize the temp. I have kept my grow room cool all winter by bringing in outside air to cool the hot air from the lights works great and fresh city air doesn't hurt either.

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