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6000 Lumens per Sq/Ft ScrOG-Off

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by whatuthinkin, Jan 13, 2010.

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    Ok this got brought up over in PrpHz's grow journal becauce our grows are very similar and are around the same time so we challened each other to see who could harvest the most per sq/ft. Well a few other people saw this and wanted in so we discussed it further and decided a new thread was in order for this so here we are.

    So far these are the parameters that have been set and what our set-ups consist of.

    I believe there are 3 people maybe 4 that have said they want to do this so if we get good participation this should be a great contest. I even believe BUDSLINGER has said something about wanting in.

    The goals are set to what PrpHz has set for his goal. He has set a ver obtainable goal I believe and everyone seems to agree. Prp is running 2 1000w HPS bulbs over 2 5'x5.5' screens(55sq/ft). His total lumen per sq/ft is almost right at 6000. He is growing in a Rumple bucket system as am I. His goal is 80 ounces(5lbs). PrpHz's Grow Journal[/B]

    My set-up is 1 600w HPS putting out 90,000 lumens over my 48"x43" (15sq/ft) screen. That gives me exactly 6000 lumens per sq/ft. My screen is 27.27% of his screen size so my goal will be 27.27% of his goal. That puts my goal at 21.6 ounces.:smoking:
    Whatuthinkin's Grow Journal[/B]

    *cookie break*

    The winner will be the person that brings in the highest percent to their harvest goal.

    I am going to let the other people that stated they wanted in know about this post. I am thinking of having everyone that is participating have a post, as close to the front of the thread as possible, that they will post with their system specs and post weekly updates on. That way no one has to read through many pages to see all the updates.

    So in short the goals are as follows and I will update this with each person that wants to participate.

    Ok so after seeing the interest that has been gained I am going to split this apart into 2 competitions. It is not fair to have the soil guys competing against goals that were set for hydro. The current hydro goal is set to approx 1.44oz per sq/ft. For the soil guys I am going to just drop it to 1oz per sq/ft. I don't know if this is a good estimate or not but I think it will be easier to obtain than the hydro goal.

    PrpHz - 80 ounces
    Whatuthinkin - 21.6 ounces

    iCLONE - 18 ounces
    ManNamedJed - 8 ounces
    phatrick2332 - 4.5 ounces

    If anyone is about to start a grow and wants in or is close to us feel free. The more the better! If you have any questions or anything you want to add post it up.
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    Ok my set-up info I am just going to copy from the above post unless it is determined that more information is wanted.

    My set-up is 1 600w HPS putting out 90,000 lumens over my 48"x43" (15sq/ft) screen. That gives me exactly 6000 lumens per sq/ft. My screen is 27.27% of his screen size so my goal will be 27.27% of his goal. That puts my goal at 21.6 ounces.

    -Edit- I have decided to go more in depth about my system. I am running a digital 600w MH/HPS with a 6" cool tube. Exhausting using a 6" 435cfm Valueline fan. I am running a 6 bucket, 4 plant, DWC system. They are actually 2, 3 bucket systems.

    I have a Reverse Osmosis system with dual De-Ionizers. My local tap water is over 450ppm and over 8.5pH. After the RO/DI system I get water that is 5ppm and 7.03pH. It is to this water that I add my nutrients.

    I am running a 1 part nutrient system from General Hydroponics. For vegatative growth I am using approx 6.5ml per gallon of water of FloraNova Grow which is 900ppm. For flowering I will be using 8ml of FloraNova Bloom. I have not tested it yet but I believe it will be around 1100-1200ppm.

    My screen is set 20" above the buckets and has 2" holes in it.

    Day #1

    Here is my first update as today is the first day of my grow. I just put the clones in tonight. I am growing 2 Purple Haze(bag seed from some good smoke that was sole as that) and White Castle from Nirvana.


    Day #3

    This morning Purple Haze #1 had a good size root coming out the side of the pot. Now there are 2 good size roots showing on it and Purple Haze #2 has a root just poking out of the pot. I suspect the White Castle will show roots tomorrow sometime.

    I will get pictures of the roots but I want to wait untill all 4 have roots. There are already going to be a lot of pictures that get posted on this page so no need to clutter it more than we already will.

    Day #5

    All 4 plants had roots showing on day 4 and today the plants are showing signs of new growth. So far the Purple plants are taking the lead in growth because the White Castle plants don't have as many roots out yet. They will soon and I think the WC is going to stretch a little more anyways so it should have no problems catch up. Other than that not much has changed.

    Day #21

    The plants are now starting to take off. I am having some slight problems with the White Castle but I think it may grow out of it. I am thinking of doing a res change and going with slightly lower ppms on the WC plants. Anyways here is a top shot of the plants from tonight. More pictures and detailed information in my journal


    Day 11 since the switch to 12/12.

    I am now about 1.5 weeks since the light switch. Still not seeing any bud starting to form other than the pre-flowers that have been there.
  3. Yup...i'm in..
  4. I'm not just saying I'm in. I'm making a commitment to contribute whatever knowledge I can to this grow. Good luck sir, looks like you know what you are doing.
  5. Thanks man. I am hoping we can all learn a lot from thie little competition and also have a lot of fun in the process.

    For those that said they are in, if you want to join the challenge post up details about your grow. We mainly need how many lumens your light produces and how big your screen is. Other than that everything is left up to the individual grower. Then we just need a link to your grow journal so we can go check it out too.

    I hope this turns out well for everybody and that everyone can achive over 100% to their goal.
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    So here I am for the GC SCROG Off!:hello:

    I have my screens all warmed up and ready to go. My screens are 5'x5.5'. I have 2 screens for a total of 55sqft. My lights are one 1000w HPS, and four 400w MH for a dual spectrum. The total output is providing about 6000 lumens per sqft. I am growing in Deep Water Culture using 8 35gal tubs wrapped in aluminum tape. I have a 55gal res that gravity feeds to the 35gal tubs which are plumbed together. The nutes are recirculated back to the 55gal res with a 400gph submersable pump. I am using the General Hydroponics Flora Series.

    I am growing DNA's LA Woman (Attitude) from seed. she is growing fast and will be ready to give clones soon. I will be using two bubble cloners that I made for the clones.

    Sorry I am only able to show you one screen right now, because the plant is veggin where the other screen goes. It is hard to get a pic of it all, because if fills the entire room only allowing myself about 8" between the two screens to get to the other side.:smoking:


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    I'm in!!!

    I lost this thread for a min there... I have some cool ideas for this project. Looking forward to the final results... I thought I would get creative, considering I have very large reservoirs and very little space to work with, I was thinking long and hard about LST, but I have decided that a Scrog is fairly inexpensive, and looks like its the most organized, and popular... Here is a rough sketch of my Octagon pvc Scrog idea... Thanks to Mech ;) on sketchup 7... I have 6 holes in the lids of my reservoirs and I was thinking about 4 or 5 plants, depending on how many clones make it... No matter the number I will probably veg long enough to fill the screen as much as possible. :D ... I wanted to mention that I am just cloning bagseed females, and I plan on vegging about 10 weeks, flowering 8½, with a yield of 5 oz per plant (140 grams total) ... Still need to purchase and build the screen, have all other supplies. I also have higher quality seeds sprouting right now... :smoking:


    Whatuthinkin... U gonna make a list of all our threads at the beginning?

  8. Yeh, seeing all the success on here has made me get off my ass and throw some more mylar on the walls and extra boards on the floor...

    Money is so tight lately, and its a good thing plants grow themselves while I go job hunting, in my spare time I will be building this octagon... I noticed that most corners don't get used on a scrog anyways, and it can be manipulated in any direction, so it doesn't really matter.

    Your op is looking great! I see big buds in your future for sure!
  9. I'll watch. Just pulled 14ozs from 400 watts and a couple of cfls. I'm not in yalls ball park yet.... ;)
  10. Hmmm... dam!

    I got a 400W HPS SCROG grow goin right now but... my growspace is 2' X 3'.

    So with 50,000 lumens on 6 sq/ft, I'm at 8000 per sq/ft and over the 6,000 lumen per sq/ft limit... SHEEEIT!

    Oh well. I'll keep an eye on this anyways.
  11. High guys...
    As I read i see we have some first time scroggers...
    First off ... congrats guys... Youve made a great decision to grow scrog...
    It truly is the best way to achieve maximum yeild from your light..
    I will tag along but I think we need to keep 1st timers for the scrog off...
    My grow is in my sig and ur all more then welcome to check it out. I have a couple screens going now...
    So Guys........ SCROG ON>>>>>>>>>:D:D
  12. So, does that mean that the Force is with us?:smoking:
  13. yes. it does. budslinger is a great resource. plan on him stopping by and guiding you in the right direction every now and then. he is a mysterious creature, he need only come by now and again but his advice lingers in the sands of time.
  14. Thank you all for stopping by. It will deffinatelly be nice having BUDSLINGER around to help out some.

    Uwill3 do you know the sq/ft of your screen yet and what light you will be using? Or is it still just in the planning stages?

    I am updating my post with more details about my grow and some new information.
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    Awesome set up ... I'M in !!!

    I'm in with two strains, BC Kush and Grapefruit Diesel. Under 2 x 400
    watt HPS. In FFOF soil and 3 gal. pots. My screen will be 36" x 83" (ish).
    I'll be going with an "arena" style screen.

    Currently training (LST) a few ladies for the "grow" and should be under
    way shortly. This will be my first ScrOG and hope to pick your brains for
    valuable info.... it wont hurt and I'll warm my hands first :devious:

    I'm about to start my first ScrOG so please excuse any dumb Qs.

    This look clinical and I can't wait to see what becomes ...:smoke:
  16. Just updated my 2nd post with more details about my grow set-up and an update on the plants. If anyone wants to know anything else please ask. I will answer everything that I can.
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    im a first time scrogger and first time grower lol, but i love friendly competition because i believe it helps everyone in the long run...im 2 weeks into flowering in a 4x4 tint with 1 600 watt hps...my screen is (i believe i'd have to measure it later when the lights come on (wtf am i doing up at 350 in the morning lol) to get the exact specs) 2 and a half feet long and 3 and a half feet wide. 4 plants is what i have under there, and no real expectation for a yield since this is my first grow ever but im willing to hear some estimates

    my latest picture from yesterday
  18. This thread looks like a winner. Im pulling up a chair for this.

    Good luck to all those competing!
  19. Well I gave LBH the link and he brought up something I think we should take into consideration. I think we need to divide this and have a soil competition and a hydro one. It isn't fair for the soil guys to be competing with hydro yeilds imo. So far there are 2-3 hydro guys wanting to compete and 2 soil from the looks of it.

    What would be a good goal for a soil ScrOG with 6000 lumens per sq/ft? One ounce per sq/ft?

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