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600 Watts. 5 plants Question???

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by smokey-, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hey GC, [​IMG]

    What would be the maximum yield I could expect off 5 plants under a 600 watt hps cool-tube in a 1m2 grow tent? The temps are in 70's and humidity is at around 50%. They are planted into 15L pots and vegged to 25". I know there won't be an exact prediction, but I would love to see what you guys have produced and see what you think I could yeild using these specs ..... o ye, the strain is skunk #1



  2. HI Smokey.....it is very difficult to tell yield without seeing pictures of how your plants are doing...even then it is still very hard to be anywhere near accurate.

    i would say at least 2 Zips per plant if you don't have any problems...post pics please if you can.

  3. Thanks for the reply bro!

    please ignore the quality of the pic but you can see what im working with. Im about to switch to 12/12 in 3 days.

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  5. photo(3).PNG

    Theyre all around 20"
  6. would i have to scrog to get 2 oz per plant?
  7. nice looking plants...and you have great uniform growth with all 5 plants so yes a scrogg could be perfect for this situation...It will help keep the canopy even and increase yeild by helping spread the growth out to maximize your lighting.

    Take a look at the advanced growing section of this site...there are tons of cool threads with information giving you every detail to pull off a Scrogg!

    good luck

  8. thanks dude. Would it be too late for scrog?would love to get 9 - 10 oz so if scrog is the way to go I'll do it! can i buy a screen for secret jardin?
  9. It's possible to pull a pound off a 600 watt light, but it's not easy, and you won't hit that number with that grow, but it has been done. The most important ingredients to hitting that number are strain selection and canopy control. That is assuming all other variables are also good, temps, RH, ventilation, circulation, nutrients, pot size, etc. Strain is important. There are definitely really high yielding strains and low yielding ones, and usually the highest quality strains are not super high yielding. Then you have canopy control. It's vital that you train the plants in some way by either topping, LST, SCROG, or a combination of all of them. You have to get the maximum number of bud sites into the prime high lumen area nearest to the light source. If you grow normally with no training you will have only the main cola in that prime area, the rest of the plant will generally be below it and produce much less. That's why SOG grows yield so well. It's a bunch of small plants, but there is a high number of bud sites in the optimal area close to the bulb. SCROG, LST, SOG, and topping all operate under the same principle.

    Here's a pic of a properly done scrog. Notice the nearly perfectly even canopy, that is what you are trying to achieve.


    End ramble.. :smoke:

  10. No Ramble my friend!

    Your post is really appreciated! You had a good way of explaining it to me. I'm going to try build a screen for my tent tomorrow before I bud it next week. Hopefully it will give me the experience I need to master it next time. The plants have plenty of bud sites and I think a screen would help the lower branches catch up to the main colas. Only problem is........ are they too big to bend or would I position the screen higher and let them grow to fill the screen, once 12/12 is triggered? any feedback would be appreciated,

    Thanks! [​IMG]
  11. Yeah it's not too late to scrog them. It won't be as good as if you started from the beginning, but it will help a lot imo. This is what I would do. First top every one of them. Don't do the very top node, top them a few nodes down so that the lower branches are now closer to the top. Put the screen right above where you topped. When the new growth comes in from the topped area, train it to go under the screen. The new growth that results from the topping should be supple enough to train. So guide that new growth under the screen until the side branches have a chance to catch up to screen level. Once a good number of them reach the screen, flip the lights to 12/12 and enjoy the show!

    If you can give me a close up shot of the top half of the plant I can show you where to top them.

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