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600 watt hps vs 90 watt led UFO please help

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Ilikesmokinmine, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Hey I am a real newbie so if my question is one that has been asked alot of times feel free to point me in the right direction

    but I am planning to stArt growing in a 4 x 4 x 7 grow tent right now I am looking for which type of light I should use.. I wanted to use a 600 watt hps light for my 5 girls but the. I started to read about 90 watt led UFO lights.. Or the led lights better if I am worried about heat and my electric bill going up....
  2. i'd go for the 600 watt. if you're worried about heat or electricity i'd go for cfl's. i don't think the ufo's are worth the price.
  3. There is nothing you are going to find that is more efficient & will give you the best yields than that 600 watt HPS

    CFL's do not have the penetration are hard to keep cool and are best served on a table top in a lamp.

    Rumple has proven that the ufo l.e.d.'s don't compare to HPS.

    So the question is are you going to half ass it or do it up?

    go with the hps...................
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    VERY classy ad Grow King;) your story about the experienced grower REALY convinced me:laughing::laughing::laughing:, hell I think I am going to call Brian right now! WTF man, really???

    A legitimate company wouldn't post ads on a forum without considering its rules first "3. You further agree not to post any Material for any business or commercial purpose."

    I do not trust you or your "company" sir.
  5. Go with the 600W HPS don't waste your time or money with a LED imo, GL :D
  6. Go with the 90 watt led and you can grow 5 DANK PLANTS led are much better for the plant check out htg supply they explain everything

    go with the leds
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    Avoid the hype

    Brian, My hps lights are still functioning pretty well but I could use some snake oil to stop the chains from squeeking when I adjust them,....any help? Peddle your crap elsewhere

    and then ask htg how many LEDs and how many hps they sold this month. The proof is in the closets and grow rooms,...they're out there, but many who bit, convert back, pissed off.
  8. 600hps No Doubt! Show me a side by side comparison of MJ grown with a 90twatt UFho next to a 600 no even a 400hps.

    LED's suck for now at least. Plants stay healthy throughout the grow but produce very small weak suckky cheesey bulshizz flowers.

    Show me legit pics and prove me wrong. I say good luck.
  9. There are comparisons out there,...last one I saw had the hps about 4 ft away from the tops,lol
  10. No way i have seen led grows and they are much denser than 600 watt if you got a 120 watt led it can replace a 600 watt easy and it will give you more yield

  11. Your outta your mind. Do some more research and get back to me. LED's are probably not going to make it considering that plasma's are coming to the market soon. Its just not flowering well with LED's IMO. Just read some legit reviews. Not some sales pitch.
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    Without massive technological breakthroughs 600W, regardless of lightsource, will always beat 90W. Just so you know aeroguy I have smoked some really bomb super frosty and dense buds that were grown only under LED, (6 plants under 3 180W UFOs). The claims companies make are bullshit but not the actual products they sell. The price they sell them at however is also bs. I think that LED companies are trying to sell people the idea that you can get way more out now than you used to, which IMO is not true. You cant easily escape wattage demands because we dont have the efficiency yet. The 3 180 UFOs amount to 540W and seemed just a tad more efficient than HIDs, certainly not by a long shot. Efficiency still has a long way to go.

    Coal is ignited producing a quantifiable amount of light and heat energy, the heat energy is then used to evaporate water and turn a turbine, transferring that heat energy into mechanical and then finally electrical energy. The electricity produced is routed from the power plant to your growspace where your lightsource converts it into light and heat energy. From there your plants absorb the light and convert it to weed energy. Finally you convert weed energy into mental energy and discover how the world works, or you just eat 2 boxes of nutter butters (2 for $5 is hard to pass up) LOL:smoke:. The point is that there is a quantifiable amount of energy in electricity which is determined by the amount of coal used to produce it. I do not know how inefficient HIDs are but unless LEDs have a much higher lumen/watt ratio I say BS. IMO until we figure out fundamentally how to draw more power from say a lump of coal, all the fancy shmancy technologies claiming to require fractional amounts of electricity are just tweaking an old system to its full potential and exaggerating. Usually its not worth the extra price associated. But then again thats only my opinion, I could be wrong.
  13. I have a 600 watt HPS in the center with two 90 watt LED UFOs on each side. The plants under the LEDs point their leaves toward the HPS even though they are directly under the LED. Trust the plant. Not the LED hype. Nuff said.
  14. i have a 90 from htg....they sold me on it when i spoke to them about my heat issues. now the 90 works OK in the tiny space i got.....but i sure do wish i threw the 125 hps in there instead. though they are right about heat.....my heat issue is gone and i needed no extra ventilation.

    they do work and the plants dont stretch from my experience....but the 90 simply will never cover the same area as a 400 hps or put out nearly as much light. those claims, sadly, are total and utter bullshit.
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    A little common sense goes a long way on this subject. Growing with LEDs is just like growing with any HID...IT ONLY WORKS IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING.
    I played around with two cheapo 90w UFOs in a small box with only two plants. Grew them start to finish under only these lights, and like someone said above, the plants stayed healthy throughout the grow, but the buds produced were lose, fluffy, small, and generally just crappy as far as yield.
    More recently, in the same box, I grew two more plants with a nice, high quality 300w panel, and the bud quality and yield were comparable to any proper HID grow(flowering took slightly longer to finish). I plan to put five plants under it in a larger area next time, but I have yet to test variables and find out exactly how far you can push a single 300w panel. I'm guessing it comes down to needing a lot more lights for a given area when using LED compared to HID, simply because of the way light is distributed in each. If you're a serious grower willing to drop thousands of dollars to light your entire grow area, then LED is probably the way to go because you will eventually save the money you spent in electric bills. I could have purchased three 1000w HPS setups for what I spent on a single 300w LED panel.:eek: It comes down to how you grow. In the long term the investment is worth it, short term it clearly is not.
    One other thing I would like to point out is that when dealing with LEDs you can't judge jack shit from lumen output. The whole theory of growing with LEDs is the fact that they can deliver far more usable spectrum with less lumens...fewer lumens = less energy. Less energy = saving $$ (or so the theory goes).

    The only thing I can be certain of right now in regards to growing with LED lights, is that it is excellent supplemental lighting. Those two cheapo UFOs I mentioned earlier are now being used in one corner of a large room, and the plants in that corner of the room are growing with slightly (but noticeably) more vigor than the rest of the room...and the rest of the room looks good. Most of what HPS and MH lights put out is not usable, so adding some extra usable spectrum in there is definitely a good thing.

    Obviously a dinky little 90 watt UFO isn't going to compare to a 600 watt HPS. In fact if all you can afford is a 90 watt LED or a 600 watt HPS, I'd say it's a no brainer...

  16. I've seen a 600 watt LED panel do wonders to plants on a grow log here. Of course you're going to get great results with LEDs once they are consuming the same wattage or close to the same wattage as a 600 watt HPS.

    A 90 watt LED is good for supplemental light and nothing more. They do NOT replace a 600 watt or 400 watt HPS. No way.
  17. A plant will always respond to higher lumens, not PAR. LED provides high PAR ratings, not high lumen ratings. The direction that your plant points is irrelevant.

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