600 Watt Heat Issues...

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  1. I bought the 600 Watt grow kit from HTG Supply. 


    However I could only afford the 4" carbon filter fan combo that has 170cfm. I wish I could get better ventilation but truly can't afford more. 

    I am using an air cooled tube with the glass cover. 


    How much of a problem will heat be in my grow tent?
    Would it be so bad that I'm better off abandoning the whole thing, or would I be able to get away with it?
  2. if you can't afford more than wait a few months to save up the small % extra that is would cost to get a 6inch fan/filter.
    or you could downgrade to a 3X3 tent and 400 watt light.  with the proper fan all you will have to do is make sure the intake air is 70 degrees and you're temps will be fine.
  3. Naaaaaa, it will work with an added inline duct fan....
    You can get them for $30 on FleaBay....
    Use the 4" filter and blower for the chamber's exhaust, then use the inline so the cooltube is sealed off from the chamber...
    Exhaust: filter -> Blower -> duct out
    Lamp: Intake duct -> 6" inline booster fan (blowing into the light) -> lamp -> exhaust duct out....
    It's better to have the blower pull the hot air, but them inline booster fans cannot handle the heat..
    They're not sealed bearings....
  4. there will also be a 6" oscillating fan inside the tent if that helps. 
  5. I hope you're right
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    I usually am.....  lol
    Just read the threads I post to and DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, just ask the people that know me here.... ;)
    Which you should always do anyway, because the "proof is in the pudding" not the words on the box... :lol:
  7. Forgive me cause  i'm  :confused_2:  Does the light's air exhaust into the room? Then its scrubbed and exhausted? :smoking: brain bamage
  8. I would hope not.... lol
    I assumed it's going to be vented out of the room, maybe using a window, or into the attic  :confused_2:
  9. not set up yet.  But the intake (passive) would be at the bottom and the exhaust would pull the air from the air cooled light fixture, through the carbon filter, then out of the room.  I plan to vent in a hole I found in the wall of my closet.
  10. If I want to get it into the attic I'd have to punch a hole in the roof of the 8ft x 4ft closet I'm putting the tent in.  It's our house, but would it be safe to do that? 
  11. Really that's the best place to vent the heat is into the attic (IMPO anyway)....
    Because the gable fan is going to remove the heat from the attic, drawing fresh air through the roof vents....
  12. Also, we're not talking a shit load of heat here.....
    It's going to be right around 2,100 BTU of heat, so it's warm, but not going to be like a 1500w heater....  ;)
  13. There's actually an AC vent near the roof of the closet, would it work if I just vented the heat to the vent? But you're probably right, I should just vent to the attic.
  14. No, you do not want it into the air conditioning duct...
    That will simply push the heat into the house...
    I would just cut a 6" hole in the drywall ceiling and right into the attic.....
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    I'm using 4" ducting with the 4" fan and filter.
    So if I were to cut a 4" hole in the ceiling, what kind of tools would I need? Could I just knife it? I'm not much of a carpenter
    I also thought of something else.  Have you heard of water cooling?  What if I vented the air into a cool bucket of water? Either way the water would absorb the heat better than air.  
  16. I'd guess you could use a razor knife  :confused_2:
    If you have cash, they sell 4" hole saws  :metal:
    And yes, I know a little about water cooling.....
    Sense I cool my lights with a chiller and not an air conditioner... lol
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    My previous grow was with only 150 watt cfl's.  And I got close to an oz per plant.  Never had any heat issues.  I vegged for 6 weeks and flowered for 8.  It was the best smoke I ever had in my life.
    Maybe I should just go with the LED and T5 grow tent. And if I feel like I need an extra boost I can add those 8 additional cfls I already have too.  Its easier on my wallet as well.
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    IMPHO and the opinions of a LOT of professional growers, CFL, T5, and LED are useless when trying to create medical grade..
    By themselves anyway, because they make great additions for secondary lighting...
    If you're happy with a 1-2 Oz plants, then save your money...
    Personally I'm pissed off if I get anything less than 10-12 Oz off a plant under a 600w....
  19. how long do you veg for?

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