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$600+ per OZ for "Exotic" weed sound normal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by theonexx, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. #1 theonexx, Aug 15, 2009
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    First off in NJ here you should know weed is a shitload more expensive than most other states. A "dime" is half of a G. A gram is $20 no matter what type of weed it is. Sometimes if its really good weed its $25. And even then they aren't grams, they are like .7's and .8's. Everything is overpriced and everyones ripping each other off.

    Anyway, I'm one guy away from a source. Meaning I get my shit at a million times better price than most people. I can get good mids for rediculously cheap. But I asked my source about getting more exotic shit, like white widow, northern lights, etc. She said that evrything like that is gunna be a little over $600 per ounce.

    She said she had some purp on her right now and would sell it for like 620 an ounce. That's not even a wholesale price thats what customers would be paying. Does that price make sense? I can get good mids for ~1200 a POUND. But this shit is worth 620 an ounce? wtf...lemme know what u guys think
  2. someone is getting hussled, that is WAYYYYYYYY overpriced, i pay 400/ounce for good shit, and even then i know im getting worked
  3. Well nah I didn't buy it so technically im not getting hustled yet. But yea 620 is more than what it would cost to split it into 28 bags and sell each bag for 20. You'd still lose money.

    Maybe I just gotta find a diff source for the fire
  4. lol sounds to me like someones trying to fuck you over
  5. So what do you think a more reasonable price is for some fire? Like nothern lights, haze, purp, etc.

    300? 250?

    I'm talking about a source price. I'm not even tryin to smoke the weed.....
  6. not normal
  7. ya and for mids i think the farther up north you are the more expensive...and it just varies...and for good shit i think you just gotta look around

    i live in georgia and you can get a pound of mids for like 800-to a stack i am sure in texas people can probly get a pound for a couple hundred bucks no doublt..and ounce of purp is like 500 and you can sell it 25 a g...headies are like 400 an ounce that goes for 20 a g..dank is like 280-320 an o an goes for 15..mids goes for like under a hundered an o and 5 a gram..

    but ya 600+ sounds way to high bro..it just doesnt cost that much to produce..there is a shit load of markup goin on...just try talking to some people and just looking around man

    good luck bro

    Thats like $80 an 8th ROFL. That assuming you arent getting a discount by buyin in bulk, which I hope youre not b/c that would be a even huger rip off.

  9. well depends, id pick up an ounce of some OG kush for around 300-350 depending, and toss it out at 60/ eigth...walking away with $480.
  10. I can find an oz of dro for 325 and and oz of purple for 400.
    A QP around here is 600-650.
  11. thats a lot of work for a very small return tho imo.

    if i was only flippin an ounce i would only sell dubs cuz youd make a few hundred more
  12. #12 stover2010, Aug 15, 2009
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    600 is rediculous for a zip of some chronic. Even in Virginia thats unheard of and i must say Virginia has more inflation in weed prices than NJ imo. Someone's just tryin to bang ur head and make a few dollars off you bro.. even here i get cindy 99, jack herer, purp kush for 400 at most although every now an then itl get a lil dry round here so maybe 420 but i dont accept that. QPs run for like 1400 tho i think it should drop a lot more than that buyin wholesale
  13. I thought the prices around here were high...
  14. $350 for an ounce, tops in California.
  15. hell yeah man thats an extra $200 tax on it dotn fucking pay it i paid 420 for the purple kush i got in my gallery & i know i got rippd
  16. Is that the price for a regular customer or the price for someone who has a connect/source ?
  17. My last grow cab did not cost even half that and I did 4 grows with yields of 6-7 oz's each time. LOL
    $600 there is not a chance I'd ever pay that much.

  18. If your selling os then yes that is a little high though. 4-500 for dank zips around here, though I don't usually buy ounces at a time
  19. This thread is all about how much he should pay for weed to resell it for profit...
    Where I come from we call that dealing, and if I'm not mistaken it's prohibited on the forums...

  20. If your coming right from the grower, i would say no more than $300 for exotics and no more than 250 an ounce for dank. From not the source i would say up to $400
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