600 lb cannabis bust in Baltimore, MD

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  1. Looks like prices are going up in MD soon lol

    (Baltimore Co. Makes Biggest Drug Bust Ever - wjz.com)
    Baltimore Co. Makes Biggest Drug Bust Ever

    "More than 600 pounds of marijuana were hidden in a Baltimore County warehouse. Police are calling it the biggest drug bust in the county ever. Weijia Jiang reports marijuana was not all investigators found.

    Police say they found an intricate growing operation that produced enough weed to classify the suspects as kingpins.

    Countless bags of marijuana were stuffed into bigger trash bags and stacked into several boxes for shipment. On October 4, police found it all inside a Dundalk warehouse on Canton Center Drive. It's the largest drug bust in Baltimore County history, to the tune of $3.5 million worth of marijuana.

    Police arrested 39-year-old Joseph Guadagnoli, 28-year-old Megan Veitch and a 17-year-old they say were renting and living in the space.

    Investigators found 478 individual plants and 640 pounds of processed, ready to sell marijuana, along with $12,000 in cash. The unprecedented amount even stunned police.

    "We had to burn hundeds of pounds of this material already. It was so noxious at headquaters, we had to clear out a whole ground floor," said Jim Johnson.

    Just as striking is the two story elaborate growing operation police discovered, equipped with sophisticated lighting, electrical and venting systems.

    "What you're looking at is actually heat lamps connected to venting tubes and they were mounted over top of the plants," said Lt. Rob McCullough.

    As well as complex irrigation system that suctioned vats of chemicals to the plants.

    Off camera, we spoke with several workers at nearby warehouses who say the pair kept to themselves and usually only came here to work at night. They also say from time to time, they could smell traces of marijuana. Police say some smelled it a quarter of a mile down the road.

    With such a startling amount, the state is seeking the toughest punishment.

    "The next step will be for our office to analyze the case, take a look at the maximum penalties we can impose and also look at whethere there are other individuals involved who need to be arrested and charged," said Scott Shellenberger, Baltimore County state's attorney.

    Police are still investigating how the suspects are linked. They believe they are all members of the same family."
  2. they're doomed.
  3. now is that a....

    "omg, we need to stop these dangerous drugs/ drug dealers"
    "man, we will never be able to stop this war on cannabis"
    "that would have of been a lot of tax money"

    ...none of the above? lol

    but really though, that's a bunch of weed
  4. Damn, haha..
  5. Damnit. I'm already paying $60-65 an 1/8th here.
  6. Damn they're so fucked!
  7. thats quite the OP they had, too bad they will all be in prision for along time. they need to get out of the country!
  8. Damnnnnnnnn:eek:
  9. they're doomed.
  10. People looked mad sketchy, I wonder just how big of a ring they were behind of.
  11. mean while you can buy as much heroin and coke as you want in inner city Baltimore and NOTHING gets done about that.
  12. Probably was some mids. I go to Bmore every now and then. Every now and then you get something good, but mostly...
  13. that's going to hurt so many people from there bust is sad.

  14. this guys right. they bust people for the bud, but still mad junkies are in the ally's shooting up and smoking rocks.
  15. Absolutely no good.
  16. I want to see pic of that setup and how much it cost.

    from the dungeon

  17. Heat lamps won't grow bud. So thats an outright lie and show of just how little this cop knows about what he just spent taxpayers' money "fighting".

    "Chemicals" sure does sound worse than plant food/fertilizer.
  18. "We had to burn hundeds of pounds of this material already. It was so noxious at headquaters, we had to clear out a whole ground floor," said Jim Johnson.????

    they just cleared a floor at police headquarters and set fire to over 600 lbs or cannabis? what?

  19. There is always good shit around here dude, you just gotta know where to look.

    I am just glad all my dank is originally from out-of-state so this shouldn't effect me at all..
  20. grrrreeeeeaaaaaaaaaat. looks like the already rediculous weed prices here are gonna go up even more

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