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$600 an Oz

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Visions, May 4, 2011.

  1. That is the highest price for an Oz I have ever heard. How do people get away with this?
  2. Limited supply, huge demand. Economics 101
  3. When no one else can get it at all, you can charge whatever the f*ck you want
  4. Lol I took that class last year.

    It was a rhetorical question.

  5. Then why even bother making a thread for responses then? :rolleyes:
  6. Cause it shocked me. I wouldn't even buy an Oz at $400.

  7. True, I only buy grams at a time so I didn't feel anything :cool:
  8. In my area a zip varies from 300 - 400 sometimes higher if its really dry
  9. Yea, really makes me wanna grow. A zip wouldn't last me 2 weeks. I don't smoke everyday or anything, but when I get bud I chain smoke. Tis sad.
  10. i paid 80 for 7 grams the other day. was pretty wet too.

    .... fuck man
  11. You can just cure it for like a week and it'll be fine. 1/4 for $80 is a good deal. Standard where I live is like $110.

  12. yea he was pointing out that this means its actually less weed. after drying it its gonna weigh less
  13. Oh yea. I forgot it would weigh less. Fuck indeed.
  14. i wouldnt pay more than 250 for a zip
  15. My best friends brother grows it. He's the best cunt around and gives us zips for $20. He doesn't really deal, just sells it to friends and shit for near nothing.

    Now I feel bad reading about people paying these prices. Guess god skipped out on the good looks and gave me a mad hookup instead. :smoke:
  16. Yep, it costs around $10/ounce to grow top quality bud.
  17. I grow two plants, have the cycle set up so i flower every two months. i usually only yield about two zones a plant. But when i do buy, 240 is what i expect to pay.
  18. because stupid kids are willing to pay that much
  19. Welcome to the world of supply and demand. Oh and unintelligent spoiled rich teenagers.

  20. If you live in Cali then I cant definetly understand this mentality..but then again in you from some small town in delaware or something similar then the probability of you getting fire nugs for 250 a zip is pretty fuckin unlikely. Thats cool if some people get it for that definetly more power to those individuals. Though i feel like alot of people on GC talk of how they get it sooo cheap :rolleyes:...I guess I don't mind admiting that sometimes I pay a pretty penny to keep my jar full of the good.

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