600-1000 mg of thc edibles have no effect?

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  1. Hello there, I’ve grown a bit tired of wasting money on 40-70 on edibles that just make me sleepy and was wondering if anyone had any recipes for cannabutter that actually work?

    I buy all my edibles from dispensaries in california and I’ve seemed to have no luck getting even a little dizzy from an edible. at this point, Im ingesting sometimes over 800mg of thc (I know it sounds like I’m crappin you) and only get left feeling a bit lethargic and tired for the rest of the day. Meanwhile my friends try the same stuff and it’s get them so high sometimes they're just left vomiting in a comatose state?

    I’ve heard coconut oil may be the key I’m missing for having those hard hitting edibles and Im going to begin making my own. If any one has any killer recipes for making some butter, please share. I have only about 3 oz of shake and 3 oz of bud to use of A grade bud/trim.

    Hoping not hear “it’s just the way your body works man”. I just don’t see how a man can ingest enough thc to put gorilla down and not feel a thing.
  2. Well, I have similar issues with edibles. The only time I get real high from them is if I'm on an empty stomach and a large dose that knocks most out. Up until a couple weeks ago, I was an all day every day smoker for 20+ yrs. I have a super high tolerance, so edibles just don't really do it for me. If I'm going to be active, having an edible a waste. I barely feel the high. But, I do, if I'm just hanging, watching the ball game or a movie etc. Could be your body chemistry. Could be shitty edibles, could be that you have a high tolerance like me.
  3. Everybodys different I've tried to make my own edibles a few times with no luck at all apart from sleepy.. I've tried to read about n find out n I did read that some people's bodies can digest it n get really high n some can just feel what you describe I'm sure I've fucked up somewhere making edibles tho lol not sure I'm alowd to mention other sites but on thc talk there's a guy who makes his own caps won't mention him on here but they are potent as hell other members tried his recipe n all seem very happy some even lowered the dose on the recipe cos it was to strong.. If you do head over my names the same on there to so I'll tag him in ya post or whatever.. Defo sounds like you should be chatting to him...

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  4. I'm afraid coconut oil isn't going to help you. If you're eating a gram of THC from dispensary edibles and it's not getting you where you want to be then give it up, edibles are not for you. If you get high from smoking then that's what you should do with your limited supply of weed and forget the edibles.
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  5. Decarb = 240 F for 40 minutes first.

    5 grams Kief, Hash, Powdered Buds, Any concentrate
    2.5 teaspoons Coconut oil (any cooking oil works)
    1/2 teaspoon Lecithin (any kind)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes

    Fills 30 (0) size caps @ 80mg with Kief 25mg with bud 10mg with shake or lesser quality goods
    GIGO = garbage in garbage out.
    Start with good quality Herb or better for high grade oil.

    People can vary wildly in amount needed for edibles. A single drop of this stuff will hammer my wife senseless while I need a full capsule (25 drops) for a good ride.
    I find Dispensary edibles to all be bunk. Can't get shit from any of them. Only my own edible oil works like magic and can hammer me stupid.

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  6. Haha your the guy I was talking about lol thort you wer on another site lol my bad

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  7. [​IMG]
    <--- might know a thing or two about making high strength medications.
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  8. Yeh man I've read ya posts you seem to be the capsule guru lol they sound really powerful.. That's the reason I wanted to mention you.. If anybody can get ya hi on edibles it's this guy lol..

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  9. Much appreciated BNW! I will create some of these today.

    Question: is the kief version significantly more stronger than The bud version
  10. Yes
    About 5x stronger. At least mine is as my Kief is the best of the best I grow.
    I power shake off the Kief with dry ice and a sawzall and make my capsules from that so it's around 50% THC.
    Your best top shelf bud is 25% and most bud is lower more in the 15% THC range



    My Kief. :)

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  11. I wish the national laws were set in a way you and PsycheSam could sell your stuff!
    Would totally buy from both of you.
  12. LOL well until things change you've got the next best thing as we both try our best to show exactly how we make the best meds we possibly can and all the steps we use. Even starting with street grade herb you can still make a very potent Tincture or Edible oil.
    When TTS spent a year in a east coast state with far more strict laws then California he was able to make a good grade of oil for his sick friend from street weed. She got better just as fast as if she'd been using my oil so the recipes work no matter the source material. She just used more as it was a weaker base.

    With mine based in Kief I often have to thin it down for low dose users like my wife. She needs a fraction of a single drop to be in the zone.
    For her and other ultra low dose users I squeeze 1 of my Kief capsules (25 drops) into a tablespoon of Coconut oil (295 drops) and she takes 7 drops of the thin oil. Finding that sweet spot can be really tricky and each user we find needs to be dialed in as to not scare the hell out of them.

    BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more
    Here is the source thread for much of my oil works.

    My RSO caps are showing signs of distorting-melting so I've been using them up as I can and the subtle and not so subtle differences in the two processes are interesting.

  13. You cant freeze them for storage?
  14. Something like thyroid or metabolism must be going into play. I've been having good luck with edibles made with distillate but I'm not sure if there's any connection.
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  15. I store my oil in syringes in my freezer. You should be able to freeze or refrigerate without issue

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  16. Most of them are in the freezer-fridge and they still show signs of distortion. The few I keep at room temp in my go bag are in full on leak stage and I keep a twist of paper towel to soak up the leakage.

    It's either a trace of water or something in the actual RSO process that eats at the caps over time. My Kief caps are very stable on the other hand with no leaks at room temps for months.

    These are getting old and I've learned to just deal with the leakages of the RSOs. They are my second tier stuff made from the leftovers anyhow. LMAO still ass kickers for being made from material I used to toss out.

    I still prefer the Kief capsules as it's a cleaner, sharper edged stone. The RSO has a clumsy feel to it and I'm more apt to trip and crash into things at the same level of stone. Both stop my pain equally well so they are interchangeable in that respect.

    Edit:: RSO is bitter as can be with a huge pucker factor and I wouldn't advise a syringe to oral administer. I let the kief caps melt in my mouth but not the RSO. It's like a mouthful of road tar.
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