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60 Things NOT To Do If You Hate The Free Market

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ProvidencePlant, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Tu Ne Cede Malis

  2. Didn't the invention and supply of those things occur with regulatory policies in place?
  3. We have a mixed economy (both capitalist and socialist).

    If we had a purely capitalist system then you'd have an argument.
  4. A free market is a competitive market where prices are determined by supply and demand. However, the term is also commonly used for markets in which economic intervention and regulation by the state is limited to tax collection, and enforcement of private ownership and contracts.

  5. Government does not innovate, they hamper innovation with strict regulatory control so that only those industries that lobbied for regulatory control of their respective industries may thrive.

    More picking of winners and losers.
  6. Because if you can't buy a computer you can read this right. :rolleyes:

  7. people that hate capitalism are probably illiterate assholes too like hillbilly people and trailer trash.
  8. One thing he forgot....

    61. DO smoke weed every day

  9. i used to like obama but ever since i smoked weed i realized how fucking gay he is and that ron paul and libertarianism is the only thing that can save america from the destructive spiral that obama put us on.

  10. Nope the government says you should not smoke weed because it is harmful and illegal. So a statist would respect the wishes of his/her master.

  11. I am sorry but I would have to disagree look at the early 1900's all the way to the 1920's.
  12. Your post is not very specific, just what exactly are you referring to, anti-trust laws? :confused:
  13. 61.) Don't have a conversation with your friends - trading ideas, time and effort

    62.) Don't invent anything and profit or share it.

    63.) Don't engage in charity - investing/trading time and resources

    64.) Don't donate anything - It's not your job to decide who needs/deserves what

    65.) Don't have sex - Oh yeah, if people aren't responsible enough to spend their money they definitely aren't responsible enough to decide who to trade chromosomes with.

    It's always more beneficial to leave the heavy decisions up to someone who has never met you, doesn't know a thing about you, your strengths or weaknesses, doesn't care about you and has an ulterior motives that revolve around themselves. What could possibly go wrong?
  14. Aren't drug sales a black (therefore unregulated) market?
    If you hate the free market, stop buying weed.
  15. +1 for open minded RonPaulians:rolleyes:
  16. +1 for mbfm new troll account ;)

  17. I think he's the original :p
  18. That list is just....I mean....you can't be serious.

    Most people, when they talk about "free markets" are describing the kind of market where they feel they would have the most advantage. It's a bullshit term guys. You say the market should be free for people to profit rampantly at the expense of the poor and ignorant, and I say that it should be free such that those poor and ignorant have alternatives by which they can sustain thier needs without being degraded and commodified.

    Freedom, always, is a matter of degree. While your list is delightfully hyperbolic, I just don't see how it says anything at all that's persuasive about the degree of freedom we want in our markets and for what cause. More like a political ad aimed at the lowest common denominator than an articulation of any kind of theory or prescription for making any kind of change.

    I dunno about these silly threads. I just don't know. If you guys are the politically active youth, then I am seriously afraid for not just the country, but the whole world.
  19. ^Yeah man I am super cereal with this list. If you would click the link in the OP do a little reading you'd see that someone, (most likely a liberal statist) made a list of things not to do if you don't like paying taxes. This is simply a rebuttal to that. I forgot that the internet is srs business 24/7, please for give me.

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