60 Minutes: "The Debate on California's Pot Shops"

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  1. I watched this piece the other day and wondered where are all the people that think marijuana use should be legalized? 60 Minutes did like any other news organization would; they spent minimal time on the benefits of medical marijuana and instead focused on its abuses. I don't blame them entirely because some the consumers of the sacred plant still fail to realize that their behaviors/abuses reflect powerfully on the plant as a whole, and how it's being percieved. Yeah, right, people that want dope legal don't want to discuss that, instead they expect society to cave under the pressure of a community that has a difficult time restraining some of it's members.

    The solution to a problem isn't necessarily as radical as the problem itself.

    60 Minutes: The Debate on California's Pot Shops

    Stay green.
  2. Like you said, 60 Mins. spent minimal time on the benefits of medical MJ and highlighted its abuses. Of course they highlight the dispensary owner who is also a hip hop artist. That moron made a flamboyant video that depicted his legit dispensary and then in the same video shows a street side to things. He made himself a target in my opinion. But I still don't think that you should spend 20 years to life in federal prison for being stupid. That guy brings the Medical MJ movement down as well as those people joking in the lobby of the docs office about what "excuse" they had for the doctor. When I went to a clinic in Santa Cruz there was none of that. The doctor I saw was very legit and straight up. I got the feeling that if I didn't have a severe condition, she wouldn't have recommended Medical MJ. You are right when you state that the actions of the users of this wonderful plant have implications that we might not think about all the time. As a Medical MJ patient I believe that we as a whole (unfortunately) are being portrayed as casual stoners who want to get high legally. It seems that 60 Mins. thinks that only AIDS and cancer patients benefit from MJ as if they are the "real" users and the "real" pioneers of Prop. 215. But like that minister who helped pioneer Prop. 215, who was he to say what illnesses benefit from Medical MJ. They were not doctors or scientists, they were patients in need. Currently there are doctors and scientists who are continuing to find the MJ has benefits for a host of conditions. What is wrong with a patients right to relief? What was really unfortunate was how 60 Mins. showed hidden camera footage of CBS employees acting like potential patients, like there is an underground ring of doctors that prescribe illegal drugs and 60 Mins. has penetrated this underground ring with the help of their trusty hidden cam. Like the doctor said, he can only take a potential patients statement as true. As beneficiaries of this wonderful plant, we need to always remind ourselves that we are being watched by our communities and our government so we need to act smart. Nice find.
  3. Word bro, I feel ya. Personally I've run the gamut of so many positions and emotions that I feel like a used up condom, that's been meanly tossed into the trash, after a fling. People are so use to fighting for things that they forget that there's also a more nuanced road that can be taken. With the USA swept up in so much socioeconomic upheaval, and fear we should shift our attention toward the issues people are really worried about, and it ain't weed. Yes, we don't want to be punished for weed but there's more wrong with the world than that. Think big, marijuana is but a small piece in a larger puzzle. There isn't a straight path to marijuana acceptance, on the contrary, it's about as crooked as it gets.

    I think in the long run marijuana will be viewed as nothing more than a harmless release, but until that day dawns...

    Stay green.

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