$60 gift card to best buy

Discussion in 'General' started by Muffinzs, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. What should i get?

    anything related to smoking is a +
  2. sell the card , buy bud.
  3. An expensive HDMI cable.
    A PS3/XBOX game (but you have to pay tax).
    A tuner for your car so you can play your iPod/phone out of your speakers.
    A mid-range iPod dock.
    A shitty Sanyo digital camera.
    4 CDs.
    2 CDs and a bluray from the under $20 bin.
    A case for your iPad.

    I used to work there. Based on your spending limit these are the items I think you'll find most useful for under $60.
  4. one phone call

    yo i want an 8th you want something from bestbuy?
  5. Thanks so far for the ideas guys!
  6. Anything related to smoking.
  7. If you have a pipe, buy a PSP case. They make the best "travel" cases for weed. I keep my pipe, lighter, eye drops, and bud in there. I also stuffed a few dryer sheets in there and there is no smell what so ever.
  8. headphones......bob marley cds/dvds.........or sell the card for bud
  9. Buy me some RAM.
  10. Yeah just get a 8th and some change for it.
  11. This is the MJ users Achilles heel. One simply cannot buy herb with gift cards.
  12. Munchies. Just go into best buy and walk directly toward the exit (where the registers are). Then proceed to only buy the snacks that they sell.
  13. Hahaha that would be epic to spend $60 on only the crap food they have there.

    Idunno dude not much smoking related at BestBuy, but I would say buy anything that anyone has mentioned.
  14. I would associate anything musical with weed so you should buy something like that but theres not much for 60 I would say earbuds or something but the only legit earbuds they have are 80 and those are the klipsch s4
  15. im pretty sure whoever got you that instead of cash was so you wouldnt buy anything drug related with it lol :rolleyes:
  16. A fancy universal remote :)

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