60" flowering mother

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  1. Grow Setup:

    1 - 400 watt hps
    1 - 4x4' Grow Tent
    1 - circulating fan
    1 - 500 CFM Inline Exhaust Fan

    Medium: Fox Farm Organic Potting Soil, Sand

    Container: 32 Gallon Garbage Can with 1/2" holes

    Veg Nute: Schultz® Plant Food 10-15-10
    Flower Nute: Schultz® Bloom Plus Plant Food 10-54-10

    Veg Duration: 3 months
    Flower Duration : 10 weeks

    Problem: Pistil formations is ridiculous however bud production is minimal

    I understand because the plant is so large it will take longer to mature but this is taking forever.

    Open to Comments and Suggestions...

    ***(I do not grow marijuana this is completely hypothetical)

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  2. that would be insane i would recomend a 1000 watter though to get good penetration
  3. 3 months is a really long time to veg. Everything looks like you're on the right track, you're just going to have to stay patient. The 400-watter is just fine for what you're doing...no need to increase. What strain are you growing? Some just aren't very good producers no matter what you do, and some just take their sweet time. I think if you stick it out another 3 weeks you'll be rewarded for your effort.:bongin:
  4. I like your idea of using a 32 gal garbage can for a container. Nice way to avoid getting rootbound, and gives the roots plenty of room to grow. Enjoy!!
  5. Thanx dude, anyone have any suggestions to improve yield other than investing in a 100 watter?

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