60 Day Wonder Recovering?? (pics)

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    Hey friends,

    Last week I posted a couple of pics of my Lowryder #2 at day 23. There was a pathetic looking 60 day wonder next to the LR2 that damped and fell over. I got her up again but said she wouldn't recover.

    Well, that little girl has rallied. This is day 21 and she is obviously behind schedule, but I think she may produce something after all. She has shown pistols. My concern now is that so far the fan leaves are producing only 3 leaves. Is this something to worry about? Opinions / advice appreciated.

    As you can see in the pics, the LR#2 is doing great. She is just over 10 inches now and starting to smell Schweet!



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  2. C'mon. 20 views, no comments? :confused:
  3. I just stumbled over this thread when searching for "60 Day Wonder" on Google, hah!

    Is Lowryder 2 on the left, 60daywonder on the right?
  4. your flowering plant looks so much like my green o matic did about 2 weeks ago! Good shit man. These small autoflowers are crazy. I wanna see this gal to the end!
  5. No. LR2 is on the right (the bigger one) and 60DW on the left. The 60DW sprouted 10 days after the LR2 but it dampened (my fault) and I thought it wouldn't recover but she is bouncing back. Looks even better today.

  6. Yea, man! She is starting to smell good too. I'll take weekly pics. Look for "AJ Lowryder 2 pics"

  7. How is the 60DW doing? Any pics?

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