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$60 a half for shrooms???

Discussion in 'General' started by nickbuddy111, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Theres this kid at my school that says his cousin grows mushies and says I can get them for $20-25 an eigth. Shrooms are VERY hard to come by in my area, but I'm thinking of buying a half-eigth just to try them and see if they are legit. I asked him how much a half would be and he said $60 no joke. im:smoke:
  2. ya thats a rip off

    dont do it !
  3. their $40 an 8th here and thats fuckin high
  4. are you sayin $60 a 16th? thats fucking terrible. dont do that
  5. wait now that im re readin your post

    you have a friend that said there 20-25 an 8th

    yet you ask him for a half 8th and he says 60??????

    regardless if you know what mush looks like it will be legit trust me
  6. he means half oz and if legit, 20 each 1/8 20x4= $80, so you save 60, scope out the deal first he might be trying to burn you or the mushrooms might be real shitty...
  7. Shrooms are usually 5$ a gram, quarter - 34-40, half o - 70-75, atleast..that's what i pay.

    i think he means 60$ for the half-o..? maybe?
  8. yea half-o sorry shoulda been more specific, hes kinda a shadey kid but my dumbass friend ate a few for $5 and told me he got in a fight with his garage, so I guess i have to check em out. I just have to be sure hes not bs'ing me
    edit: and hes not a real dealer type person, just has a passion for weed. Is there anyway of telling if they are magic shrooms?

  9. eating them
  10. lol good call, I meant by like if you flick them and bruise blue or somthing like that? Or do you need a black light for that?
  11. post a picture of them here or the shroomery and hope you didn't get ripped off...haha

    if you want somebody to test em mail em over this way i'm dying for some musrhooms
  12. 5$ for a gram of mushiess?? jeez... I can't even find mushrooms and I'd be willing to shell out 45+ for an 1/8th
  13. i pay 60 a 1/4 so i say do it!
  14. Yea I'm probably going to go ahead and do it, I'll be happy if they are decent shrooms for $60 a 1/2 O.
  15. $60 would be about how much money you'd need to get your own setup and grow hydroponic shrooms.
  16. today someone offered me an o of some BOMB shrooms for 140. ive already tried them. INSANE!
  17. take your finger nail and press into the srhoom

    it should bruise blue almost immidiately

    and make sure there dry

    i have seen way to many kids buy wet shrooms and eat an eighth and nothing happens

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