60,000 sq. ft. Marijuana Cultivation Facility to be Unveiled near Oakland Airport

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Superjoint, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. And everyone could have weed tasting parties!!! :hello:

  2. Sometimes I feel like by the time its been legalized for a good 10+ years, we'll be begging for it to be illegal again.
  3. As long as we keep the grow your own clause in every legalization measure of every state,let this horse buck,we can ride.

    Pot Taxes and Farm Permits Seek Voter Approval

    The exorbitant licensing fees will come down over time,as other cities pass less restrictive measures(Humboldt county),thus allowing them to produce and sell quality marijuana for less than the "high priced" cities.

    Just think of one small town,with little economic growth possibilities,suddenly allowing
    commercial farming at low cost licensing/taxes and becoming the go to center for commercial marijuana.

    The competition for tax dollars will be just as serious as competition for market

  4. i'm not quite so cynical. to me, i can see it becoming just like booze and cigarettes... there will always be people that want it and there will always be people willing to sell it. besides the money it could bring anyway, it's better to keep cartel fingers out of that particular pot (ba-dum tisshhhh.)
  5. Good plans I like it alot but unfortunately the Federal Government will step in an take all the Cannabis and cannabis related products... which is basicly the whole store because there will be alot of cannabis on site.
  6. Id like to know how likely it is that their little "permit" gets approved...

    Also people need to get over the whole wal mart weed. Seriously. There is no way in hell that Legal weed would be worse than illegal weed. You wont be a criminal anymore and that should mean a hell of a lot.

    They will only succeed in growing shitty weed if there is a demand for it.
    If you dont like what they have, dont buy it. Its that simple.

    Also, is it just me or does it sound like this IGrow Hydro company is trying to monopolize the cannabis market?

    Just sayin, I dont really care if they do, because im not gonna be buying weed from a store ever.
  7. I hope this happens (= Totally neat. I was just talking about how it would be awesome to have an all natural store and sell home grown weed there the other day(if prop 19 passes).

    Sorry, but.. wtf? lol. Seriously though. How on earth did you come up with the US being one of the MOST corrupt countries?

  8. Link?
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    oakland = corruption

    the politicians and police are corrupt

    its total bullshit that they are only "allowing" 4 permits to grow huge amounts of weed. this isn't free market...its all about kickbacks and under the table payments.....

    isnt it obvious how corrupt this is?
  10. Um.. Isnt weed still ILLEGAL in the united states? or am i misssin sometin because im ripped :bongin:

  11. I imagine they'll do it like they did it in weeds. High-end everything. 2 month cultivation then harvest. repeat repeat repeat.
  12. It's not going to be a Weed-mart. That's the grow area that they're talking about mainly in the article. The small bits about the demonstrations and shit, that was more like a wal-mart. or sam's club. And those demonstrations happened at one of their iGrow or weGrow stores.

  13. Im not sure if youre being sarcastic, as in you are saying that the US is THE MOST corrupt country in the world, which I could believe.

    OR that you really dont believe the US is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Which would astound me.
  14. It all boils down to Federal vs. State.

    Federal law prohibits ALL marijuana, where as some states will allow it.

    Then you have those bum ass federal agents raid the dispensaries, take everything, and then leave. It's something we'll have to deal with, however, Obama has stated he will no longer waste tax payer dollars raiding where it is legal. (Still going on, even in Nevada.)
  15. Wish I found it first.
  16. The commercialization of legal marijuana is inevitable. The only thing we can do is make sure it is pot heads running Weed Mart not the suits from the Tobacco companies.
  17. I totally understand the possibility that big boy companies may grow shit grade cannabis and may put additives in it and i can't stand those watered down coors/busch/bud lights. That's why i go to my local liquor outlets micro brew section and pick out some tasty beers. Similar situation with tobacco. You can walk into any gas station and find shit grade tobacco cigs full of cyanide and rat poison, or, you can search a little bit and find a tobacco outlet that sells high grade tobacco cigs, cigars, pipe tobacco, ect.

    These are two different markets and I believe the same will apply with the cannabis industry. I could buy some Marb Greens and get mildy high (mostly dizzy from the smoke) off schwagg or i can find one of those little smoke shops and buy some grandaddy purp. Free of all additives and seeds.
  18. interesting

    I wanna say "kick ass".. but at the same time I'm think "I dunno".

    If it all works out as planned, good product, more good jobs, more money for the state, then it's all good.

  19. BINGO! Maybe us potheads can finally get urinalysis to work in our favor. You know, if THC doesn't show up then you don't get the job. Go home smoke a bowl them come see me tomorrow!
  20. You do realize that this warehouse would likely run your little 'weed store' out of bussiness right? If you would even be able to get started cause of them. They are creating a monopoly in the market by producing more weight than anyone else. I'd say best case scenario you get to buy whole stock from them, so your business is under their control...yeah...cool :confused:
    And if you think they dont know/ arent planning this then open your eyes to the real world cause people arent as good hearted as it appears. Money makes the world go round.
    And about the US and corruption, haha are you serious? Have you ever taken a higher education (college) US government or history class? We have done so much fucked up shit to other countries and the people of our own. And yet everyone acts as if none of it has ever happened. I guess people dont give a shit until it hits the fan

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