60,000 sq. ft. Marijuana Cultivation Facility to be Unveiled near Oakland Airport

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    Leading Mayoral Candidates Don Perata and Jean Quan to Attend Grow Facility Unveiling

    Oakland, CA - On Sunday, October 3rd, Oakland Mayoral Candidates Don Perata, Jean Quan will join Councilmember Larry Reid and community leaders to celebrate the national expansion of "marijuana superstore" weGrow Hydroponics (formerly iGrow).
    In less than 8 months, weGrow has become the first hydroponic superstore to appear around the country, with over 75 franchise stores already under contract. weGrow will commemorate their new national brand and store with a ceremonial tree planting (in lieu of a ribbon cutting), and also present the first architectural 3D video renderings of their proposed 60,000 square foot LEED-certified marijuana cultivation facility. weGrow will submit their application to become one of the four cultivation sites permitted by the City of Oakland via their sister company, GROPECH.

    When the retail franchise opened in January, under the name iGrow Hydroponics, the event received worldwide media coverage, becoming the first store of is kind to offer 15,000 square feet of turnkey marijuana products and services. The facility offered an on-site doctor for medical marijuana evaluations, Ikea-style live marijuana plant grow demonstrations, the University of Cannabis for marijuana education, and a Bloom Room for in-home technician build-outs and consulting all under one roof. The new facility includes 53' Big Bud reefer trailers that are mobile hydroponic grow rooms, a live plant demonstration of the marijuana cultivation process from seed to sale, and even more marijuana plants than ever before.

    The company’s marijuana farm will likely produce about 350 pounds of pot every week, which means 20,000 pounds of marijuana production every year. Dahr Mann, 26, weGrow’s founder said that if the application for the permit will get approved, the store will open 200 more jobs and the state’s $50M deficit could probably be cut in half. If everything will go according to plan, the business may be taken public and public shares will be opened for investors, weGrow’s co-founder Derek Peterson said.

    Also last Sunday, grant winners through GROPECH’s non-profit foundation were announced. The winners were Community Rejuvenation Project, Planting Justice, Walk Oakland Bike Oakland, and Oakland Food Connection.

    If weGrow’s 60,000 sq.ft.
    marijuana cultivation facility will be successfully approved, it would surely mean more jobs, state-of-the-art LEED facility for the city, and tax revenue.
  2. Simply. Awesome. :smoke:
  3. Hopefully the feds mind their own business and stay out of this.
  4. Wow, that sounds amazing. Good luck to them, that'd be awesome if this got approved and built.
  5. Does anyone not like this?

    Im not so sure I like the idea of a "WEED-MART"

    It just sounds like Wal-Mart for weed, and I cant stand Wal-Mart.
  6. I envisioned it more as a customized Fine Wine store or a brewery personally, but Wal-Mart works too I guess.
  7. Thats amazing. I would smoke all of that in like 5 days :D
  8. It sounds like the owners are some cool, down to earth people with a great idea.

    But this reaks of corporate bullshit.

    Nobody could compete with the amount of bud they could grow. This sounds like a cornered market in the making.

    I think it really comes down to how they plan to grow. Mind that im assuming that all that comes out of this would be medium-high to high-grade bud.

    If they want to grow as quickly, and as cheaply as possible then this should be put to death right away.

    If they want to do it the right way, which should be organic, and with love. Then let them grow it all they want.
  9. where would i find more information on how to invest if and when this goes thru?? sounds like a wise investment? could you imagine how rich you would be if you invested in the first walmart or sams club heck, even the first pikes nursery?
  10. economically, a monopolistic situation is very rarely beneficial, and usually results in heavy regulation and moderation... Seeing those who regulate are also those who authorize the proposition I will remain skeptical about the result...I smell the corporate-ness too, lol
  11. Wow! I can't even believe this!
  12. sounds too good to be true :D
  13. What part of "grow your own" is it that you don't understand? And for those who can't grow because of location,move,for those who can't grow because they are too lazy or stupid to grow a weed,get a friend that grows or buy Walmart.

    Do you actually think legalization will stop the green market? It may not make anyone a living anymore except as commercial growers",but it will still supplement many peoples income,as it does now.
    A lot of the weed dealers out there now do not depend on marijuana for their main staple
    and that is what makes the green market so tough to stop,and until they bring the prices down,the green market will stay.
  14. Its not that I couldnt grow my own.

    Its simply that this is the United States. Mind you, a capitalist United States. One of the most corrupt countries in the world.

    I honestly cant think of one major industry that has not gone to shit and lost all of what makes it good.

    Beer is now watered down garbage, 3 major corporations make up basically all of the market.

    Cigarettes are basically just crap tabacco with a bunch of shit in it to purposely get you addicted.

    The food industry. Dammmm. half of the food we eat isnt even real let alone healthy, and they make you pay more for the real (organic/all natural) food now. Not to mention the way crops and animals are grown and treated is terrible.

    Then you have a company like Monsanto. Who has the seed market cornered, and in the next 10-20 years will probably have eliminated natural seeds from the farming industry.

    Thats just only a few examples.

    Youre trying to tell me that MJ is safe from that? That its untouchable? Well I think we better get off our horses and get real. MJ can get raped up the ass just like any other industry/product in the United States.

    Not that you cant make your own beer or buy from small companies/high quality manufacturers, or roll your own cigs and grow tabacco, or even raise your own cattle and grow your own garden.

    But the fact of the matter is that not a lot of people do these things. Its the 21st century.

    For most of the examples I gave, you either have to go the trouble of growing your own, or pay top dollar.

    I think most people will just take the corporate alternative to those.
  15. "El Dorado DOES exist!"
  16. There's many that will agree with you.
  17. Said it all

  18. when Cannabis becomes legal, it's going to be corporatized sooner or later wether anyone likes it or not. that's just the nature of our capitalistic society.

    honestly? if they are growing some decent weed, i'd buy it there, especially if they can give a discount.

    and honestly? how many people brew their own wine and/or beer? there will always be niches for the small growers to fill.
  19. If the growers in Humboldt county keep there shit together and do it right,they could become the corporate giants they are worried about.
  20. its not a walm-mart for weed. its just a very efficient very large growing facility.

    they have a video on their website that takes you through it.

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