6 year old boy a felon for playing doctor with a girl

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    Lawsuit filed by parents of Grant County boy accused of sex assault

    The boy, who is now 7 and has a developmental disability, has been diagnosed with stress disorders that medical professionals attribute to the defendants' actions, according to the suit. He has experienced fear of going to jail, as well as anxiety, depression, sleepless nights, vomiting, crying and missed school time.

    He was fucking 6 and they're traumatizing the poor kid. You know there's something wrong with the justice system when you can hold a 6 year old responsible for "playing doctor".

    NOTE: The 6 year old won't be convicted of a felony. You have to be at least 10 years in the state.
  2. But that's what 6yo kids do. Where is the common fucking sense?
  3. BTW,
    "According to the petition for protection or services, the girl's mother found her daughter in the boy's yard 'with her skirt and underpants around her ankles' and the boy sitting underneath her, penetrating her with his finger.

    The girl told her mother they were playing 'butt doctor' and told authorities the boy only touched her on the outside of her body, court documents state."
  4. At least he wasn't charged as a felon. That would be the most ridiculous shit ever. The fact that that mother took a case against that 6 year old boy for exploring human anatomy just sickens me. Trying to ruin a small child's life over that. On that note, I don't think allowing kids to do that shit to each other is okay, but a 6 year old shouldn't be charged with sexual assault, that's asinine.
  5. Ya this will be shadow entire life, I feel for the kid. just wanted to see "whats up there" - ITS NOT RAPE IF THE GIRL IS WILLING LOL
  6. When that boy grows up to rape and kill 15 women who all fit the same description as that little girl i hope the government learns its lesson..... they create the monsters.... they do not alleviate the issues by doing this fucking bullshit.....
  7. Kids gonna grow up to be a pimp. Not even I could get the girls skirts down at that age.
  8. Yeah it just hyper inflates the issue if anything, poor kid probably went through sometime similar to one case I watched a movie on..These two parents back in the 90s were accused of molesting their own children (when they did NOTHING) two little girls didn't like the parents and the mother of the two girls didn't either, so they reported to the police that they have child pornography and shit, stripped their children away from them and severed all ties with the family

    ..the 3 boys of the parents were astounded and always thought that they'd be able to just "go home"....The 3 boys were put into separate rooms and interrogated by police officers, the police officers were accompanied by a woman from a FEDURAL DEPARTMUNT to assist in basically forcing the boys to lie to them so they can get the "right" answers out..they would interrogate each child for hours endlessly till they made them say "yes they did it"

    Once the trial was over and they were being put in the prison, the two parents got to see their children for the first time in months, the little boy asked "can we go home now" only to find out that he wont see his parents for years, and that him and his older brother will be shuttled around from unsuccessful foster home to the next, really fucking with their heads & wondering about their parents 24/7

    turns out at the end of the movie, a lawyer hired by the family was able to do some good attorney work and digup some files, according to her she found out what the police did to their children (brainwashing them) and talked to a few people, realizing the whole story was a sham, built up by the media, the governments office (state level) didnt want the story to crumble..there was a specific reason why, i think he didnt want to be tried for lying to the people about it, they just wanted a "case" or a "show case"

    The parents were later released and re-united with their children to pickup where they "left off" great story actually.

    Hopefully this little boy isn't going through some prison/interrogation crap, although after that case the movie was made upon lawmakers got together and started to do "stuff" about policeman and departments/media screwing with the children because they know no better, forcing the government authorities to do a more thorough search
  9. The fuck?!?!
  10. I used to belong at a country club when I was younger and this couple would bring their 8 year old twins to the pool. One boy and one girl they would both take off their bathing suits and swim and run around naked after 5 minutes in the water. The parents just eventually gave up. Nobody really cared. I don't know why I just told that story man am I high!
  11. Serves him right for being normal.
  12. So who will be held responsible for this child abuse?
  13. complete bullshit

    I don't have kids. But if I had a young daughter, and I found another young boy and her messing around I would probably be taken back/a little pissed off.... but I would never call the cops. Never

    Kids are going to be kids. And as long as the boy wasn't forcing her or being violent, then it's just natural, its just what kids do.

    I have a 16 year old cousin, when he was 14 he got caught with some dirty pics of his girlfriend on his phone at school. His girlfriend was also 14... they threatened him with charges of child pornography and all this other crazy bullshit.
    He ended up getting suspended and having to go to these bullshit therapy sessions.... Just for being 13 and snapping some dirty pics of his girlfriend.
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    So now it is illegal to act on instinct? So instinct which drives cats,dogs,horses,chickens, and people to fuck is frowned upon. Is this saying its illegal to be straight? if we can't have sexual incounters with anyone of the opposite sex, I guess our species dies out then. That's a hell of a way to control overpopulation.
  15. Am I too stupid to actually believe that the parents and authorities believe this kid knows what sexual assault even means?

    Just read that the girl is a daughter of politics.

    That's probably why they want $12 mil in damages.

    Yeah, I can see what the priority is here.
  16. I wonder if anyone is taking Hollywood movies in to consideration. Hollywood promotes pedophilia in many movies.

    Sometimes adults watch those movies and don't even notice. That does not mean that their children do not.

    Monkey see monkey do.

    The Vatic Project: Germany and EU to Legalize Pedophilia and with it, Child Pornography as well!

    Pedophiles in Hollywood



  17. Are you saying you have to be in a state for 10 years to be convicted of a felony in the state?
  18. Meant to say at least 10 years old in that state.

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