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6 weeks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Ashez, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Havent smoked for 5 weeks as of now but ill probably wait around for atleast 6 until I go to my p.o. Before that I smoked about twice a month. During these 5 weeks I stayed about the same weight. One day I gain 5 pounds and then I lose it again and maybe even lose 3 more pounds then I had originally, its like that. Im average in weight. Around 6 feet and in the 170s. So should I dilute my piss or can I just go like that? If I dilute, how much B2 do I take? Or should I wait around until 7 weeks? Thats kinda pushing it because I need to go in.
  2. as long as you only smoked twice in the month that led up to you quitting you should be clean at 6 weeks for sure. get some exercise if you want to guarentee it but i'd say you're 99% safe.
  3. Troll? Two times a month? Im guessing you smoked alot of oragano
  4. How the fuck am i trolling -.- i cant smoke often because i have a p.o. Now if you didnt read
  5. I have a p.o and I buy 8ths every four days.
  6. Uhm....
  7. Well i dont have fake piss

  8. I'd laugh when you get caught. When I was on probation I smoked nearly every other day but then i'd run, exercise, eat right, drink water or tea all the time, etc. Plus I was respectable and nice to my p.o. so she didn't test me that often. never got caught :D Hopefully you don't either bro.

    And if you don't have fake piss then get some fake piss! Lol
    Or exercise and drink lots of water on a daily basis, you'll be fine dude

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