6 weeks not smoking still tested positive?!?

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  1. So it has been 6 weeks since I've smoked and I have been testing myself at home and still came up positive. I am also still spitting up some black stuff is there thx in that?? I'm always usually clean after 4 weeks. I just got off workers comp for a broken arm and had surgery which is why I was smoking/vaping for pain. I only smoked heavy for about 4 months and before that I didn't smoke for almost a year. I really need to pass this test for a new job I am a truck driver and if I fail it goes on my record and will be really hard for me to find a job. I have heard of certos and detox drinks but even tho I'm 6 weeks out I really don't want to risk it. What do you guys recommend? I have been drinking a bunch of water and exercising but I am a big guy 6'1 340 and I did gain weight after my surgery so I'm sure that has some affect on it. I'm just ready to get back to work and I've already stopped smoking but I fee like I'm fucked for now Any advice would be helpful thanks
  2. One thing you should keep in mind is, THC metabolites get stored on the fat cells in the body. If you are a normal healthy person; with a great diet, water and plenty of exercises you can remove it out of your system within 4-6 weeks. If you have a fast metabolic system, lower water retention capacity and overall low BMI, you will be able to do this faster. You need to reduce your weight to a certain extent
    For the urinalysis test. the threshold is 50 ng/mL, which is significantly higher than what you may think. Just make sure that you don't drink too much water before the test. 2-3 litres per day is more than sufficient. If your urine gets too much diluted, it can render your pee colorless with the lack of creatinine. This can come under suspicion. Do not exercise hours before the test as it breaks down THC into the bloodstream.
    Important tip: Early morning urine will have a high amount of toxic metabolites. Also, don't give the initial and final portion of the urine as it contains more of these metabolites.
  3. I have almost 2 days not sure what to do besides drink a lot of water and eat healthy? But some people say eat junk so it doesn't flush the fat out with thc??

  4. Ok thanks that does make sense I figured since Ima big boy it will take longer
  5. when I was getting weed from a dispensary in Michigan it took about 3 months for me to pee clean.
  6. I'd recommend log jogs a week before the test & then a mix of the best detox you can find (using high voltage double flush myself) and certo to help mask it. Certo alone helped me show up negative after about three days of smoking. Good luck my dude.

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  7. It took me 53 days 1 time to finally test negative.
  8. My brother swears by the niacin pills but they have to be the type that cause the red flush.
  9. So did you pass? I'm bigger too, about 6'1 290-300.... I am currently unemployed until April 2018. I was hoping if I stopped by January I'd be clean.

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  10. Yeah there is no way it will be in your system for 4 months dude you will be good the most ive ever heard was 2 months and that was from heavy smokers. Just stay clean and consume acidic foods and drinks like oranges and apples and wash it down with some tasty juice and 4 months clean will be no problem. And there is always the oldest trick in the book, pickle juice
  11. Just make your test come back as a retest with clear pee and try again in a week

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  12. OR get fake piss/clean piss from a friend.

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  13. Could do the fake piss as listed above, I also heard that if you drink a shit load of water before so your piss is literally clear it dillutes it down or something so there is little to no THC. Not 100% sure how it works but you could drink alot before hand so it is clear piss. I'd look into it more though to be safe.
  14. I appreciate all the help, I'm hoping that if it's four months clean I will pass !

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  15. It's your weight for sure.

    My aunt is around 320 pounds and she got incident tested, she had to go to rehab to keep her job and it took her around 3 months to piss clean, they were really starting to doubt if she quit or not and she almost lost her job but eventually she passed.

    I on the other hand am 5,10 154 ponds supppper heavy smoker and I've been able to piss clean in under 10 days.
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    This is 45 days clean, heavy water intake and dilution. I have a test in about a month , any thoughts ?

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