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6 weeks no budding yet

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by nvmywrx, May 27, 2009.

  1. I have a plant that is 6 weeks into flowering and still not budding could this be because of a ph lockout problem that I am trying to fix?

    The lighting has been 12/12

  2. Wow... 6 weeks? On 12/12 and there is no interuptions of it's dark period?

    Maybe lockout... maybe they are nuns....

    Sorry for the bullshit response,
  3. By the way... those plants definately do not look locked out. A little nute burn... but not lockout.

  4. here is another pic of the leaves. [​IMG]
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    here is another pic of the leaves. [​IMG]

    I checked and there is no light leaks, I changed the time to a new one just incase the other one wasnt working correctly.




    this is a picture of the other strain that i have in the same box with it

  6. Wow... weird. umm... pm the people with a coupla thousand grow posts... im an idiot.


    it is weird that the other one is budding. And it looks problematic with nutes.... I still don't think with all the new green growth it's locked out, though.

    6 weeks... hmmm... she must be a nun. :(... wait it out. Maybe she'll putout.
  7. please buy a ph test kit from a local pet store.. and check the run off.. or test with a ph meter or pen if u have one.

    it looks like a ph problem or a nute problem cant be sure with out more info

    check the ph and please keep us posted


  8. I have a ph test kit. about last week I flushed them with ph adjusted water. I just wonder if the ph lock stunned the plant and stopped it from flowering.
  9. if u flushed.. and checked the ph.. and the ph is between 6.0 and 7.0 then its in shock now. give it another 2 weeks or so.. itll jump right back. If you got some superthrive.. thatll help alot! :smoke:
  10. The plant that is budding looks like it has heat stress, are you growing in an attic by chance?

  11. no i dont grow in an attic I have a box that is a good temp.
  12. the dry crunchy spots occured due to a lack of Phosphorus, due to your pH lockoput problems. Good thing you caught it early though since in later stages it can killa plant. Trust me i know. Anyway, you can foliar feed with 1/4 strength bloom nutes until theyre stabilized. Feed once every 2 days foliarly, not by putting nutes int he soil.That will just cause another pH problem at this point.
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    I have two clones from this plant that also have leaves that are dry, they are in the veg stage should I spray them too?

    Picture of the top leaves and tomorrow leaves.
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    You are retarded that is PH lock out!!!! Do not add any nutrients to fix it because the roots will not absorb it and it will become toxic to the plant. You need to adjust your ph do a really good flush to correct the ph. And hit it with 1/4 strength nutes BUT FOLIAR FEED IT the first two waters than go back to you regular feeding scedule. If you dont have a ph meter you most likely wont make it to the end of your grow because you will end up killing the plant. Need anymore help hit me up Dont listen to people who dont know what they are talking about or they will end up killing your plants.
  15. I like how you're calling someone a retard in a 3 year old thread. lols
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    Well guess what my reply calling the other dude a "RETARD" wasnt just to help him realize he was a retard it was so people dont listen to people who dont know what they are talking about! I know this is an old thread but people who have the same problem come look at his pictures and might listen to the "retard" that said, "its defintely not Nute lockout" and end up killing his plant.

    So yea if you dont know what you are talking about or even if you arent sure DONT REPLY you will kill someones harvest. This was to help other people not this specif person. So why are you so concerned about me calling a retard, a RETARD! I've had two of my crops die over the past 10 years listening to idiots like that. (first two years killed two plants) Thats why DONT REPLY if you ARENT SURE!

    Wasn't trying to be mean just makes me mad nubbies do a little research and think they know it all and can help fix(really fuck up) other peoples plant issues!

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