6 weeks into flowering

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  1. Its Been exactly 6 weeks since the first sign of pistils. I think there lookin pretty good. I had about 45 mids seeds and 5 headys that i germed so im not sure what the outcome will be.










  2. looking good, good luck!
  3. they look beautiful. What do you figure, another month?

  4. im running out of time here in PA before frost. I heard on average it comes mid october, and thats about 3 weeks away. may have to chop early or forget about this grow :( . it was my first one and im about to start a real indoor grow in the next couple days.
  5. the trichomes are looking nice and frosty, maybe even cloudy. Definitely cut it before it freezes but let her go as long as you can...you'll surely get good 'n' high.
  6. thats the truth, that gal could double in size....even more. let er go as long as you can

  7. i used my camera on my phone for the pics. some of them i put my 30x magnifying glass up to my phone :wave:
    hopefully theyre not mid grade or at least dont smoke like it.
    anyone know if the pink pistils and tied to a good smoke?
  8. they look sexy man. mine are the same age about and i plan about 2-3 more weeks. due to weather or else 3-4. cant wait to see how they come out!
  9. nice plant, good job with the pictures also.
    i see some good smoke in ur future
  10. You have some pretty plants man. Nicely done forsure
  11. on your thread where you thought your wife was overwatering, how did you get those pics to come up that big? thats how i want mine to be. only thing is you cant zoom them in like mine.
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    i use photobucket, then just copy and paste the
    link to your post...

  13. Nice grow subbing in! We should be harvesting about the same time, this wind and rain has been killing me. Thanks for the tip stinkiefingers I'm gonna use that on my thread when necessary.

  14. is that a spidermite i see? on the bottom mid leaf?

  15. yeah this rain is not cool

  16. lol no spider mites aren't that huge. They're maybe the size of a trichome head, kinda hard to see unless you're lookin really close

  17. alright man haha i was freaking out. if i see any of them again ill look with my 30x glass. i would be able to see mites with a 30x right?
  18. You can see spider mites with the naked eye, they're just really small. The adults you can kinda see what they look like, eggs and such just look like little specks. You'll notice small yellow spots on leaves as they eat them from the underside, and if it gets bad enough, webs covering buds completely. I had that happen to my indoor Cotton Candy :mad: A 30x lens will allow you to see them much more clearly but once you see what an infestation looks like you'll never forget. Fuckin bastards...
  19. I thought maybe thrips
  20. hey, mine are about the same age- about 7 weeks now but about 6 weeks when u started this thread! Mine are outdoors with good weather I hope u get the same. Ur in PA im in IN but the get roughly the same weather. I also predict about another 2 weeks, hopefully your harvest goes well ! i'll be back...
    Yours look pretty cute. looks like they willbe finished as soon as they puff up and get really crystally about 1.5-2 weeks!

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