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6 weeks into flowering ?????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bubblegum_man20, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. these bud seem small for 6 weeks they cover the plant all over but should they be bigger any input or other pic please ,,,,,,,,,good luck

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  2. more pic

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  3. same plant

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  4. same plant another veiw

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  5. last pic

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  6. looks pretty stretched out, what type of lights are using? floros?
  7. 400 watt mh agrosun
  8. i know you can flower under a mh, i have never seen the results though, hopefully that is not the result, i dont know what to tell ya bro. i was trying to make sure it wasnt a male you had, but they look like female flowers to me
  9. all female but the bulb is made for budding it cost me 80 bucks
  10. Definatly female flowers
  11. what you have in human equivalence is...

    a tall skinny female with very small boobs and a broad shoulder. quite fuggable.
  12. Your plant is stretched because the 400 MH doesn't provide enough lumens. You are probably giving your plants around 40,000 lumens with this bulb. The fact that it is also suited for flowering doesn't increse the lumen output. I know from experience. I started to grow with a straight 400 metal halide and my plants looked exactly,and I mean exactly like yours.The plants you have are very leggy. Not to worry,just stake or tie your plants as the budweight can break the stems.And the buds may not be as dense as they can be but the smoke does come out very well.I added a 400High pressure sodium to my 400metal halide and the stretching,leggy plants were history. Today all my plants remain around 3 to 4 foot tall bushes and are muchy easier to work with. PEACE!!!!!!
  13. hps is next thinking on upgrading to 1000 watts my buddy says the buds would be out-of this world size some of the stretching is from high n fret that i stopped using 4 weeks ago my new clone are not stretching as much the total plant hieght is 30-32 inches so they are still small plants tryin sog
  14. 1000 watts? going all out huh?!! :) what type of room is that going in? and how many plants at once?
  15. 2'x5'x8'high light is 4' off the floor 400 watt 1000 watt is all out my freind has 3 1000 watt mh for his future, grow as many as poss
  16. more pics of 7 week old top want-to-be cola

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  17. Your plant will bring you a great deal of pleasure, I'm sure because mine do. My latest grow(2weeks left) is by far my best grow yet. Maybe it's the new convertable 1000 watt light I'm using. The right tool for the right job. The difference is that noticable, I've never grown such big buds before. Same room, same strain, same everything except the light. Guess what, it's a lot cheeper to run also. Good luck and happy growin

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