6 weeks into flowering

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  1. this is my first grow and i was just wondering how they look and how long they might have left to go
    they are under cfls in soil
    week 6






  2. i would give them another two weeks. but i have no idea what im talking about i dont grow. hahaha but good luck man it looks good.
  3. nice; everyone will eventually ask, what size space you working/ total light and what spectrum/ how long you veg and what nutes or just dirt and water. I'm working a 4 x 4 with scroggy lst/ 1 - 90 watt led ufo centered with 4 clamp lights sporting y-bulbs using 100 watt cfl (2700k) for a total of 8 and 2 - 15 watt led grow panels sandwiched between two 75 watt flouro grow lights on the opposing walls. My garden is only at week 2 of flowering but yours gives me some perspective on what to expect. One point, it would help if you had something in the foreground to really show how big your girls are.
  4. 6 23w 5000k cfls with 2 incandescent bulbs for heat they are about 38 in tall would be taller but ran out of room so i lst the tops just soil and water for now i flowered them after about a mount and a half after they sprouted ill have some more pics later with some sort of scale probably a bic
  5. here are some pic with a bic for scale







  6. its kind of insane how identical our buds are in size dude, once you posted pics with the bic i realized. i would recommend getting some 2700k lights though. damn you and me are dead on dude, im on about week 6 and have 7 cfls. cant wait to see if once we harvest, our buds are still similar
  7. ill keep posting pics as they grow
  8. got a close up pic today
  9. You have a long way to go man, at least 3-4 weeks..prob more. It looks like they want a bit more light to me, other than that they look good. Good job.
  10. agree ^^ if thats 6 weeks, looks like a 10 week plant. basically dude above is right-on. you ever think about getting something like a 600+watt HPS?
  11. would love to just have to hold off for now tell i have more funds for now ill just keep adding cfls for now
  12. Damn you plant looks stretched in one of your pics. im on week 7 flowering my buddha haze plants they are 11-13 week plants.

    your plants do look good just couldnt help noticing how strecthed that plant looks lol
  13. Haha yea bro just add a 600 watt HPS.. and watch your temps raise 30+ degrees. Jesus people never consider the practicality of the situation.

    In AZ you are talking serious cooling just for 1 light.
  14. Yeah u know this. I have had to apply two intakes to cool the situation aswell as a 6 inch inline fan constantly running and I'm still runnin a little high on temp. Luckily my strain can handle the high temps due to where it is normally grown outside :)
  15. got some nice pics middle of week 7









  16. Outstanding buds! Love having a yardstick like yours to give me something to strive for with my grow; currently about two or three weeks behind yours. Much respect!

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