6 weeks into flowering on wednesday snd still no buds.

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  1. Why do you guys think my buds haven't filled in yet? i planned on harvesting 8 weeks in, but at this rate i don't think thats likely. I used black strap molasses ,water a cup every few days, got 5 cfls on it. the balls of hairs are getting frosty and some hairs are turning orange/brown.

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  2. patience

    maybe it will go 9 weeks or 10

    but i think most of the stunted growth is either due to pH or nute lockout. your leaves are yellow and tips are curling. i would look into the sick plant section and maybe test your pH runoff and so on.

    but yeah i think the buds need time more than anything
  3. I think you have more than 2 weeks left to go, but everything looks really good actually. Grats on your grow man, keep it up!

  4. well some of the leaves are turning yellow and purple so i think it got a little to cold in my house.
  5. 4-5 weeks to go..
  6. yeah they are considerably stunted. I'd say at least another month to maybe six weeks. If you want to achieve the best smoke. Even if it was too cold your leaves wouldn't yellow. Leaves do naturally yellow during flowering but your picture is throwing me off some way. How often are you watering? How often are you feeding?

  7. looks pretty nice to me :):smoke:
  8. Hi what 5 cfl's do you have? as it may be lack of light(power) & what strain is she?
  9. I was thinking a lighting issue to.

    The plant looks good, but as every one else said.. you got 4+ weeks or so.
  10. yes i have 5 100 wat cfls with 8 1/2 inch clamp lights.

    also strain is northern lights
  11. it is what it is with small cfls. look into HID lighting. it will help 5 fold.:wave:
  12. Northern lights :2 week pre flower if from seed then 7-8 weeks flower so she still has a way to go:)
  13. Your right one schedule. With just five puney CFL's you can't expect much to begin with and i'd say it looks pretty good for 6 weeks in with those. probably 3 -4 more weeks left , look into get 2700k 42w cfl's if you havn't already
  14. ditch the cfls get a couple of 150 watt hps sun systems
    i got two for 200$, bulbs included. their light , easy to hang not noisy at all and they dont get too hot i run two sun systems one next to the other and i would never go back to cfls for anything except side lighting .

    trust me hps is the way to go

    and dont forget your dolimite lime it keeps the ph buffered in the 6.5-7 range

    always try to keep it closer to 6.8 but i'm sure most people know that already

    one ounce of lime for every gallon of soil mix

    its all to often overlooked
  15. What nutrients are you using... I would recommend giving your plan some sort of all around grow and bloom nutrient. I see your using blackstrap molasses which is good becuase it gives the plant a little carbohydrate boost which helps pack on weight on the buds, but it does not provide a lot of the other nutrients that aid the plant in growing.

    Ive been using advanced nutrients iguana grow and bloom for my indoor plants which are doing well. and this past season for my outdoor plants i used Alaskan fish fertilizer and mor bloom, which was good as well... but i had to mix the fish fert with the mor bloom becuase there is no nitrogen in the mor bloom.

    Humboldt counties own is also a decent product... A little extra love in their water can make them do wonderous things!
  16. oh and as the light goes, if your looking to upgrade check out the ceramic metal halide much better spetrum then an hps or a mh. Its what Ive been using indoors lately, and has been very good to me, be sure to check out my grow in a couple of weeks when the flowers are nice and big, im hoping to get the quality you would expect from a 1000w sodium.
  17. I have got 5 jack Herrer clones 2 weeks in flower feeding them canna A and B and going to start pk 13/14 next week
  18. image.jpeg Loving my princesses

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  19. All plants are different.

    You're all good
  20. I'm wondering the same with mine. Seems to be taking forever. I'm thinking maybe my ph is off by half a click. Soil tests at 7(neutral), but does anyone think I should bring it down a bit? Would dropping to 6.5 or 6.8 make enough of a difference?

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