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6 Weeks into flowering and no buds yet?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by aawbigslim, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hi I have 4 white widow plants that I let grow to 6 feet tall before flowering 12 on and 12 off, I use the Hesi nutrients according to the hesi grow schedule. Im growing in soil (moisture control by miracle gro) , they are planted in 5 gallon buckets. They are in a 3x 9 foot room, plenty of air intake and exhaust (both intake and exhaust are 6" inline fans, and they are under a 400 wt hps light. They are now over 7 feet tall and only one is budding. The others just have hairs and one has some brown hairs. I realized my room wasnt completely light tight,(barely any light was leaking through) some light from the veg room was leaking in, so a week ago i fixed that problem. So im not asking did they go back to veg stage and if they did how long before they will flower now that room is light tight.
    PLEASE look into Marijuana Growing> Indoor Growing> 6 Weeks into flowering and no buds yet?????> for the pics I tried to upload but can only upload pics once on here i guess.

  2. you vegged until 6 feet tall :eek:

    holy moley you're gonna have some seriously tall plants by the time you finish!

    as for the flowering - if you had light leaks then be prepared for; -

    a - a slow transition to full flowering
    b - plenty of hermies

    Your plants will eventually throw everything into flowering - you'll just have to be patient

    all the best

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