6 Weeks into flowering and no buds yet?????

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  1. Hi I have 4 white widow plants that I let grow to 6 feet tall before flowering 12 on and 12 off, I use the Hesi nutrients according to the hesi grow schedule. Im growing in soil (moisture control by miracle gro) , they are planted in 5 gallon buckets. They are in a 3x 9 foot room, plenty of air intake and exhaust (both intake and exhaust are 6" inline fans, and they are under a 400 wt hps light. They are now over 7 feet tall and only one is budding. The others just have hairs and one has some brown hairs. I realized my room wasnt completely light tight,(barely any light was leaking through) some light from the veg room was leaking in, so a week ago i fixed that problem. So im not asking did they go back to veg stage and if they did how long before they will flower now that room is light tight.

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  2. well the 7th picture you have looks good.... the rest of the plants are wilting. im not sure on the exact problem, im sure someone else can help you with that.

    you might be overwatering or something.

    I had a light leak the whole time thru flowering and i got heady bud with no seeds. so im not sure of the light leak would of been your main problem.

    your plants do onot look nearly as healthy as they should be tho.

    hopefully somebody else on these boards can help you more than I can
  3. yeah the one is the only one that is looking good the other three are like you said wilting im not over watering when i water the soil is bone dry so i tried upping the watering but that didnt help either. i even cut back on the nutrients a lil bit. I hope someone can help!!!!!!
  4. i cant say dude because im just a newb still. but the problem looks like its to do with watering.
    but you say your watering at the right times..

    but your soil is moisture control.
    i have no experience with that, but im sure ive heard that if those soils get too dry, they will start to try and suck water back from the roots or something.

    maybe someone can enlighten us..

    for the time being, i would be very, very careful not to let that soil go dry because you plants look like they might croak it.
  5. You have a 400 watt for 4 7' plants? I am struggling with a 400 watt with 5 3' plants.

    My guess would be light leaks and stress, sorry to say but your plants do not look too healthy.
  6. you grew them to 6\7ft high befor flowering indoors. thats stretching me thinks. previous poster was rite about the light. the light reaching 7ft down would be minimal.
  7. Thats almost impossible for these plants to be flowering for 6 weeks and pretty much no flowers!! Maybe your light hasnt been cutting off!! And to get the most potential for your babies i would give them some more light
  8. Maybe they need more light.
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    i think whether the light is enough or not is irrelevant. i dont think a lack of light could possibly to cause them to look like that.

    im flowering 4 plants under 250w cfl and heres a pic from today


    so that aint the problem :p

    i really think its the soil but someone whose actually experienced (unlike me) needs to get in here.
  10. Oh i'm sorry m8t.

  11. you saying sorry to me dude? what for? lol :confused:
  12. by looking at your plants it looks like there is a def water problem and possibly a nute problem, because you let the plants get so big you need to up the wattering and prolly bump up your nute strength or possibly even switch. your plants are so tall they are using most of their energy tring to just keep your plant alive which is why your plants havent flowered yet. honestly if i were you i would top your plant a good foot and a half to two feet and reveg it for a couple weeks and then flower it again. this will also alow you to clone these girls too. watch your soil's moisture content because waiting till its bone dry is way too long, your soil should have at least a cool moist feeling to it at all times. o and one more thing more light is always good, six 7ft plants is way too much to have on one 400 watt light man, more light will help the photosynthasis process and will alow the plant to focus more energy on budding than keeping the plant alive. hope i could help. happy growing :)
  13. Slanesh no offense but your plans are not 7feet tall. 4 7 foot plants need a bit more than 1 400 watt HPS.
  14. how can you say they are not 7ft tall? you could grow a plant to 7ft with one cfl, it may not look pretty, but it could be done.
  15. You don't grow do you? Also if you had any reading comprehension you would of noticed I stated his plants are not where they should be probably because of a combination of insufficient lighting and light leaks. Why would I say you can not grow 7 ft plants with a 400 watt when he is?

    Don't be a troll.
  16. I think your right ganjahero007 I do need more light and when i water they are bone dry, but im a newbie and i kept hearing about over watering and too much nut. I was using the hesi grow schedule and thats for normal size plants not my tall 7 footers. The only reason I waited so long to flower was I didnt have a grow light until they were 6 foot or so. couldnt afford it, i definetely need to upgrade to at least 600 hps. im going to take your advice and top them a foot or so. The one plant has started its budding and is looking good though.

  17. what im saying is that i dont think the light is anything to do with his problem.

    a lack of light doesnt make the leaves go like that. so 6 or 7 people replying at the start only mentioning the light is misleading.
    the light is insufficient but the real problem is elsewhere..
  18. yea you never said that.
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    I agree, the light issues would not prevent the plant from flowering. I don't see a "smoking gun" in your description, so my best guess is either something in your description is wrong (lights really are not on 12/12 after all, for example), or that light leak was more than "hardly any", or it's a combination of factors that are harming the plant -- light, water, and what no one has mentioned, rootbound. If they aren't rootbound already at over 7' in 5-gal buckets then they will be soon.

    Oh and BTW, if the plant isn't showing flowers then the plant isn't into "flowering"...
  20. Hi all...
    First, sorry for bad english...

    how about the temperature?

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