6 weeks into flower

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  1. Hey guys,
    So I'm 6 weeks into flower
    In ffof soil
    600 w led full spectrum
    Feeding ro and coconut water, also used worm castings and happy frog fruit and flower fertilizer. Also added calmag at 4 weeks due to deficiency.
    Trichomes still clear and orange hairs only about 30%.
    Ph at 6.0
    Ppm runoff 1520
    I do have tip burn going on.
    Thinking about just doing ro watering today.
    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
    20190903_110838.jpg 20190902_123731.jpg
  2. yes first what led ? nice yield from a led . second back off the nitrogen a bit its over fed with it .
    third good job i like . there are some spots but nothing to be concerned about in this stage typical normal late flower the leaves should change color . its all the nitrogen why its so green and not changing color a bit . very dark green .
    edit those tips actually is from nitrogen burnt . look at the led pic sure sigh of it .
  3. Thank you! The led i use is a bloomspect 600. I topped the soil with the happy frog fruit and flower fertilizer at week 4 because I was showing signs of calcium and phosphorus deficiencies. I didnt know what it was at first, that's why I used the happy frog bc its 4-9-3 and i also added some worm castings which has a 1.5 n. I think the combo of those was too much nitrogen in flowering. It stopped deficiencies but gave me a bit too much n. Should I just give her plain ro water today? Almost time to start flushing anyway

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