6 weeks flowering - no bud AT ALL?

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  1. Okey strange one, put these plants on 12/12 on the 18/03 so 6 weeks of flowering yet not even developing buds yet?
    Only 1 hair coming out of branch junction. Brought these seeds from cannabisseeds.com and they said 8-10 weeks, can all this happen in 4 weeks?

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  2. That looks like a very sativa dominant strain which means longer growing season, longer flower time. It looks like that one is going to take much longer than 8-10 to finish; it's also possible it took the plant more than the instant you switch to 12/12 to recognize and adapt. Plants use chemical equilibria, some react a tad slower.
  3. I'm in the same boat as you, I have 1 sativa and 2 indicas.

    The indicas have nice fat buds at 6 weeks, while my sativa is still shooting out pistils
  4. How long do you think they will take at this stage?
    @STilladelph its not a good boat man :( There bushing EVERYWHERE!
  5. Also makes it so hard since its easily 2x taller than the indicas. I had to supercrop the branches because they were nearly touching the light.
  6. You might want to make sure you've not got a light leak on the dark cycle.
  7. No light leak. What do these fuckers range from in flowering period?
  8. Tropical sativa strains in the wild have almost a 12 month growing cycle; I don't know the exact answer to your question but I've done outdoor grows where my indices finish at the end of September and my sativas are only half done when they get the early chop because frost has arrived
  9. OHHH lets hope its not a tropical sativa strain, they were advertised as white widow/ himilayan gold and super silver haze.
    My plants are indoors so whenever they mature. They were written 10 weeks.. Long 10 weeks I think :)
  10. I may give mine 10 weeks and cut it to make hash since my other sativas will be done in 8
  11. Ah, there's your answer.. Widow has sativa genes and hazes are pure sativa... Give it time, let those girls max out and it will be well worth
    Good luck !
  12. im still gonna go with light leak...I just went through the same problem and once I sealed up my room completely my sativas started showing buds within the week
  13. Ill second light leak. I don't care what strain, at 42 days from flip... buds should be somewhat developed. I've grown super silver haze and although it took almost 13 weeks I had buds at 6
  14. I have 0 light leaks and 2 plants that are looking normal and my sativa is barely growing.

    Don't be so quick to jump the gun on that.
  15. Im gonna agree with him if its not light leak then maybe something was wrong with your seeds if anybody else has another solution i would love to see it i cant think of anything else

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