6 weeks flower, any suggestions?

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  1. Hey new to grasscity, was wondering if anyone had any input, suggestions for my grow.. Always interested to learn new/different approaches. I feel like the plants are doing really good, they reek, super sticky, trichs all over sweet leaf already.. Trimmed up the skirts pretty good at about 1 month veg if I remember. Flipped a week later at about 24 inches id say(March 22). They're around 4 ft some taller. Definitely a couple different phenos in these seeds. Anyways some feedback would be cool

    The set up

    -Ghost train haze x Stardawg
    -2 1000 watt hps
    -7 plants
    -5 gallon pots
    -4 foot carbon filter
    -4 fans around grow
    -72 -78 degrees lights on, 68-72 lights off.
    - ph and ppm reader
    -Roots brand soilless medium(Coco fiber, perlite, pumice, worm castings, bat guano, kelp meal)
    -Botanicare nutrients everything basically..
    -Botanicare Cns17 grow for veg, cns17 bloom for flower, cns17 ripe for the end.
    -Botanicare Liquid Karma(A must have imo)
    -Botanicare hydroplex
    -Botanicare cal mag
    -Botanicare silica blast
    -Botanicare raw
    -Botanicare pure tea blend
    -Botanicare clear x for flushing buildup of salts

    A lot of nutes but the plants show no sign of burning!

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