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6 week tolerance break (Edit 3 days :l)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by passthebilly, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. #1 passthebilly, Jan 6, 2013
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    I spent all my money on grow equipment.. so for financial reasons.. no weed or alcohol unless friends offer it to me for free.. wish me luck :( I can't be arsed paying black market prices for weed any more, my wage is too low. I just put 12 girls into flowering so I'm gona wait till it's all harvested and dried :eek:
  2. ive been clean since april. its not that bad.
  3. It'll get easier day by day, and it should be pretty easy to begin with. Just think of how long those 12 plants are going to last you after 6 weeks of sobriety!
  4. I guess the biggest challenge will be to eat and sleep enough.. I've gained 30lbs over the years at the gym and I don't want to loose any of it.. and work would be a nightmare if I can't sleep.. I was blazing like 3-5 times a day.
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    A small amount of alcohol (a couple shots of whiskey, or a couple beers) should help with the sleep.

    As for the weight, try some whey protein if you're worried. Mix it with some 2% milk and maybe a scoop of peanut butter. MAKE SURE you time it right or you'll literally piss out the protein. I suggest it right after a workout, or halfway through a workout if yours is lengthy. If you do consider taking whey protein supplements as I recommended, I suggest you do some research yourself. It's not for everybody.

    Edit: I should probably add that whey protein should not substitute for a meal.
  6. Also mention that whey protein induces severe runs if not used to it
  7. Yeah I drink whey protien after each workout mabye i'll add some into my diet if I'm not feeling particularly hungry.
  8. No it doesn't lol. I drink whey protein all the time. If anything, it'll make you constipated. :hello:

  9. I don't really think "clean" is the right word to use here.
  10. Since you take it all the time wouldn't that mean your used to it? My apologies for extrapolating too much.
  11. #11 passthebilly, Jan 6, 2013
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    Yeah I feel really shitty now :s

  12. Why? No weed? If so it's just in your head man. There's no physical withdrawl from this shit. At most you should feel tired and groggy. No offense but man the fuck up! You can do this!
  13. #13 passthebilly, Jan 7, 2013
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    It's not withdrawal.. just being sober for 2 days makes me think about the shit going on in my life man.. why I smoke in the first place. Hate my parents.. they were excessively strict, treated me like a 10 year old and always thought they knew what was best for me, I moved out pretty young. Every week I barely scrape by financially with my shitty jobs, still got 2 and a half more years at college. I have aspergers and I have always sucked at having group conversations and making friends especially the opposite sex, I know some stoners but all we do is help each other with homework/weed it's more 'business' than a friendship. And how can I make any friends/gf's if I can't even buy a simple lunch or a drink out on the town without worrying about money. I have colleagues but again they're not friends, just business. Man I've felt depressed since early high school. It's been years and I have not one shoulder to lean on, I just pass the time getting high as fuck.
  14. #14 TheBigBadaBoom, Jan 7, 2013
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    Being high all the time is now way to go through life especially if you're living paycheck to paycheck. Stop smoking and face your problems head-on rather than running away from them.
  15. #15 passthebilly, Jan 7, 2013
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    I have lost most of my appetite, used to be able to just stuff my face.. even after having some protien and going to the gym I've barely eaten any solid food today apart from afew bites :(
  16. dude just buy some and smoke one hit a day

  17. bee like that for two years lost like 30lbs
  18. yeah man just think how nice your high will be after these 6 weeks. That's what keeps me going. Haven't smoked or even drank alcohol since august. But in six weeks that shall change. Huh, we end our t breaks at the same time. cool
  19. I have failed.. so I ended up taking up some extra shifts at work because I was bored, I drop off my mate home and he pulls out a joint on the ride to his house and I couldn't turn it down :)

    And then I was like fuck it I'm getting higher and bought an eighth and now I'm pretty lit..

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