6 week old plants where should i start onnthe nutrients?

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  1. I tried a couple weekes ago on a nutrient regimen but i burned them . It could have been i wasnt paying enough attention or something. I have also transplanted into bigger pots. It is now time to water again. It literally took forever to dry out . Like 5 days. I have the 16 oz FloraMicro, FloraGro and FloraBloom nutrients and calmag . Should i start with week 1 see how they take it ? then go up from there? They are bigger plants . Im just not trying to burn them again. 20190816_213615.jpg 20190816_213708.jpg

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  2. lesson leanr't?
    use just half the rec dosage of nutes
    caution is best here
    when watering lift the pot then THINK as to water or not
    use outgassed water and ph b4 use
    next grow consider organics
    mix in 24% perlite to aid nute burn and avoid root compaction
    looking good
  3. It looks like those pots are maybe too big. Its important to gradually increase your pot size. Too big of a pot can lead to overwatering and a host of problems. Also, if you just potted-up with fresh soil, you've likely got plenty of nutrients for a few weeks, assuming you're using a nutrient-rich soil. Looking good though!!
  4. So i should probably use half and go with more calmag. One or two plants have some yellowing leaves. The were in 3.5 in pots. Dually noted though for next time transfer to 1 gall pots. 1566248182517.jpg 1566248226857.jpg 1566248271007.jpg

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