6 week old plants in trouble

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  1. Hi,

    I currently have a crisis situation, I cant figure out whats wrong with my 6 week old plants.

    The setup is:

    1. Soil
    2. Regular potting soil with some perlite.
    3. Indoors
    4. I dont know the strain.
    5. 6 weeks from seed.
    6. Metal Halide 400 Watts.
    7. About 2 feet from top of the plants.
    8. I water every other day, I use drinking water, which is quite soft.
    9. I started guano based liquid fert after the plants were 1 month old, once a week, I dosed 1/2 of the recommended dosage. Not sure about the NPK. Had some sulfur def problems last week, I solved it with some Epsom salt.
    10. The soil ph reading is around 7.4
    11. around 25 degrees celcius, I dont know the humidity, shouldnt be too high.
    12. Half of a 2.5 litre coke bottle
    13. No bugs.

    It doesnt show clearly in the picture, but the area close to the veins on the leaf is real dark bluish-green. Old Leaf edges are turning brown then dying.


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  2. It looks like a K def to much flowering nutes or to much K the tell tell sign of dry crispy leaves with the tips curling not much you can do except flush it and by the looks of things you have lost some lower leaves as well, lay off the nutes for a week and flush and make sure that your HID is about a foot away from the tops
  3. I am using flowering nutes so that maybe be the problem.
    I will flush and see how it goes.

    Thanks for the reply.
  4. yea man flush it the leaves that are affected will remain that way all you can do is trim the dead part off laterz

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