6 week finisher?

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  1. hey blades, got a little dilema on my hands i have a blueberry cross not sure with what. Well heres the thing its been 43 days of flower today the plants were switched over quite small and they look rdy i noticed this on the last run i did with them aswell. Now i know there is guys that honestly just chop early they get it in their head that she rdy even though she isnt....in my case i would consider myself a seasoned grower and it truly looks rdy even my hairs are starting to wither back towards the bud, trichs are clear /cloudy. Now i havent began to flush yet and i rlly dont wanna let her over ripen i know that is hard to do but if i flush for another two weeks wont my potency diminish no pics any andvice would help me is there 6 week finishers or am i just being impatient lol:D
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  3. hmm interesting problem ive only grown a few times so im not sure what to say. But if the trichs are right then the plant must be ready and i have no idea what happens when a plant over ripens never see this done before...
  4. Depends on what method you harvest by. Alot of growers wait for amber pistils before harvesting. Just don't let the amber ones start to decay, then it's to late. everybody has their own idea, and all the experts don't always agree.
  5. If it looks ready it's ready. Hairs recede, trichomes are amber/cloudy - sounds like it's ready. But don't you wanna at least wait a couple more weeks and see if they can't plump up a lil more?
  6. At week 7 my plants developed another layer of bud growth around the existing buds. Had about 8 mini buds encircle the existing bud, almost doubling their girth. You can see the shoots in the pic. If you don't have any amber trich's wait and see if they will fill out more.

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  7. All my plants did this. Better pic of the new growth.

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  8. bitching pics.....yea iam flushing for a week anyways so def hope i get one more good swell

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