6 triple cheese, 2.4x1.2x2m tent

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  1. Hi guys, I've only just made this account on grasscity I'm new to all this, I'm looking excited to make this thread so you can track my progress sorry it's half way through the grow already but I'm sure there is still a lot to show right let's get to the point.
    My setup is a 2.4x1.2x2 tent.
    3x600watt lights.
    3x digital pro max ballets dimmable from 400watt - 660watt
    Temps 26C lights on. 19C lights off
    PH 5.9- 6.3
    Hydroponics NFT single tanks 4" rock wool cubes.
    Vegged time 7weeks 18/6. Topped and super cropped to try get an even canopy, lollipopped 1week before the switch to 12/12 but I heavy defoliated during veg all the way through.
    Feed vitalink, booster overdrive and pk
    8inch carbon filter and TD silent extractor fan,
    3fans either side of the room
    Two of the left side plants grew a lot bigger than the other 4 really unsure why because they are all the same strain but they are really big, the four smaller ones are around 80cm tall so far I defoliated 3 of them and didn't defoliate the other one as I wanted to experiment.
    Might sound a bit daft to you lot but I'm aiming for 40oz dry, hope you enjoy following my thread from now onward I'm currently in day 18 flower thanks atb K. Feel free to post your grows guys :) these pics have just been taken now 22nd august :)

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  2. Very beautiful plants

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  3. Thankyou feel free to follow I'll keep you updated :)
  4. 40oz is not crazy. Top notch growers get 1g per watt, I don't but that's because I'm a hack lol. My best haul was under 400g from a 1000 watt. Keep us updated.

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  5. Still a good haul mate, yes I will keep you updated and also be following your thread :)
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  6. UPDATE!!! Day 25 here are some pics guys let me know what you think they starting fill out a little now cheers guys :)

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  7. They are getting really frosty on the fan leaves now and its only day 25 :) exciting lol i did another defoliation to let the light get to the bottom stems. Im going to carry on taking large fan leaves every 5days or so i will keep everyone updated. Atb
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  8. Amazing lookin plants,i can smell them from here :D
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  9. Thankyou buddy i cant smell nothing yet ive got a cold :(
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  10. Day 33 of flower update starting to pack on the weight now guys, I tried monster bloom to the one at the back and looks like it's effected it quite abit it's looking like I've over fertilised it with the bloom does anyone know how to make it recover as the leaves have curled up :( others seem to be doing fine as they are on a different PK booster :)

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