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6 Strain Grow room 3rd medical grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kickingharold, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Ok here it goes. My 3rd indoor grow 6 strains and 9 plants

    • 1000 watt mh/hps
    • technaflora recipe for success nutes
    • 7 gal pots, a couple 5 gallon pots, and a dwc 5 gal bucket
    • Promix the orange kind
    • 1 Blue Og (blue moonshine X og kush)
    • 1 Critical jack here (critical+ X Jack herer)
    • 2 Pineapple express
    • 2 El Alquimista (AK47 X Northern Lights)
    • 1 Buddah Haze (bagseed from a dispensary)
    • 2 Jack Herer (unknown genetics)

    Now i left out the boring parts so im going to show mostly flower but im about week 5 into veg plants are 12 inches +/- an inch. Thriving and growing very fast now. Im waiting till i get to about 18 inches to flower but with them growing almost 2 in. a day not gonna be very long :devious:.


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  2. On the fresh water days im only giving them like myco madness, molasses/carboload or sugar daddy, and maybe some snowstorm ultra or nirvana. I have only watered them 2 times since day one of sprout. I found 7 gal pots hold hella water for ever. First feeding was with general organics grow just cuz i knew i wouldnt have to worry about burn. But they went over 20 days without needing water. Pots were still a lil wet when i watered but they were showing deficiencies so i watered them half strength technaflora base and full strength additives.
  3. I might have to later in flower switch nutes or i just gotta buy more kits cuz im already out of almost all additives for the kit and havent even pushed em to flower. Had some issues with my dwc bucket. I was trying H&G Aqua flakes and drip clean but the plant was having so many issues so i feel i will need more additives for proper results. So i just been running technflora in dwc and the plant couldnt be more happy.

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