6 strain coco grow

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  1. hi all, decided to start my own grow journal.. I see it as a good way to get expert help when needed and also by documenting and uploading i can access it whenever and wherever i want

    Anyway heres the setup:

    75x72cm wardrobe with a 250w HPS
    45cfm (i think) fan mounted in the ceiling running off 12v pc power supply for exhaust (unfiltered)
    Similar fan running on 5v phone charger for air circulation
    Budget ass home made table with chicken mesh and plastic to divert runoff into a bucket..

    Strains im working with are:

    White widow
    Skunk #1
    Super bud
    Sour candy
    Blue widow(free)
    (all from attitude)
    And a random seed i got from a nice bag

    They will be fed canna coco nutes in veg and house and garden coco nutes in flower (Stole that one off totara, he grows great buds :D)

    Why so many strains you ask?

    Me and a friend ordered at the same time and decided to play swapsies. So i decided to grow all six (without much thought of tailoring to suit each plants needs) and sort the girls from the ladies for next time round

    Anyway heres a quick pic of what i have so far. I also have a home made tent room thing with a 600w HPS, 6" inline fan and carbon filter. This is where they will reside in 3 - 4 weeks time (right after my current soil piece of shit grow is done)

    As you can see some of them are wilting as a result of being transplanted from soil to coco. I got rid of 95% of the soil before setting in the coco, hopefully they will pick up in the next few days
    All but two plants are being fed ph corrected tap water with superthrive, The other two were transplanted earlier and on a mild nute mix. Will start the other 7 on mild nutes in 2 - 3 days

    Yeah thats all, pretty boring but hey, i let deficiencies get out of hand with my current soil grow so this time i want to be ahead and on top of things

    Cheers for looking

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