6 stitches in hand (Nasty pic)

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  1. Sup gc i forgot i had these pics on my comp thought i would share them :p

    Happened when i was long boarding. Was going to fast for a narrow turn and ran into the back of a parked jeep. I hit my face on the taillight which shattered, lucky i put my hand in between my face and the light so my hand got cut not my face. It also sliced big pieces of skin off (look closely at my pinky). That hurt more than the deep gash.

    Luck? i think someone was looking out for me

    6 stitches. Its about 4-5 months later now and it looks mostly healed, except i took the stitches out at home and forgot to wash the dirt off em so u can still see the holes. Oh well it looks badass:smoke::smoke:

    To think we where on our way to the spot to blaze, literally it was just down the road. Actually considered blazing before going to the hospital hehehe

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    EDIT: I got a scar like that once...after falling on a nail polish bottle...

    no shit

  3. How do you have so much rep making dickhead comments like that?

    I feel your pain, bro. Longboarding is fucking rough on the hands when you fall. I've torn my palms up pretty bad multiple times, and my right wrist is permanently fucked. I end up re-hurting every time I play basketball, hockey, or whatever. Sounds like you smashed that car pretty good lol. Probably could've been a hell of a lot worse.

  4. Don't be such a prick, that's a gnarly pic.

    OP, your my inspiration NOT to go down this steep hill i've been thinking about, since it's got a pretty tight turn at the bottom
  5. Im just sayin its kinda weird digging up a random photo from a while ago of your bloody hand and posting it on the internet
  6. Dude, girls dig scars
  7. that's fucking metal dude

    do u play an instrument?

    have deep gutturals?

    you should join my band

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